Below are some of the commonly asked questions that we get, the answers are only generalised and may differ slightly for your individual enquiry.


How does the shopping basket work?

A shopping basket on online shopping, is, in effect the same as one in real life. As you browse through the store you ad items to the basket- just as you would at the supermarket.  When you find an item you are after, you can click on the add to basket icon, this will add the item to your basket on the right hand side of the page. When you have finished adding items to your basket click Check Out (also on the right hand side) this will take you to our payment process.

Can I pick up if I buy online?

Yes, you can pick up items you have bought online. All you need to do is select pick up in the delivery options in the first step of our checkout.


Can I get an account?

In short, yes you can apply for a 7 day account if you are customer already. Please contact our accounts department (CONTACT page) and request a form.

What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept Cash, Cheque, Paypal , EFT and Card (Visa, Mastercard 2% fee and American Express 3% fee)

What are your EFT details?

Bank: National Australia Bank
BSB: 083 214
Acc #: 234059689


Do you ship goods prior to payment?

Unless you have an open account with us, no goods will be shipped prior to payment.
You can send us proof of EFT payments via bank remittance.

How do you send your packages?

We use all major companies for shipping including Australia Post and Toll Logistics.

Can I book my own transport?

You can organise your own transport to pick up your goods, however please contact us and let us know when you would like to pick up.

Do you ship internationally?

In short, yes we do. Please contact us for more info.


How do I get my machine serviced/ repaired?

If you would like your machine tended to, you must fill in a Request for Service Form, this form can be found on our SERVICE page. You can then send it to us , we then put you in the system and book you in. For emergency breakdowns please contact us.

How do I claim a warranty issue?

If your machine is still under the warranty, and you need a technician to come and look at it, it is the same process as above in the previous question. If it is a small part or component of the machine, send it over to us and we will probably keep them in stock. If not we can order one in. Please note for parts warranties we MUST have the parte returned to us prior to a new one being shipped out.


Do you hold most items in stock?

Yes , a vast majority of our items are kept ex-stock.

If you have no stock, how long do I have to wait (may vary)?

Capital Machinery- 2-3 months
Parts/Accessories- Local , 2-3 working days Overseas- 10-14 days (air freight)

Can I order special items or get upgrades?

we can get a number of variations and upgrades on machines. Please ring us for more details.

What happens if my order is on backorder?

You will be notified and the time of purchase if an item has been/ needs to be back ordered. Depending on the item the waiting time will vary.