CNC Plasma Table

When precision is a very important part of your manufacturing process, using a CNC plasma table will help you achieve the best results. This technology uses laser for accuracy and plasma for high energy, so you can cut even strong metals with absolute precision. Read More

To cut materials over 50mm thick, you can either upgrade the plasma generator to a more powerful one, or you can use an oxyfuel cutter with the CNC, which will make it possible to cut metals up to 300mm thickness.

With both types of cutters, cooling is an important consideration. Laser and plasma generators create a lot of heat, and this heat must be managed to avoid damage to the product and risk of fire.

More details of the CNC Plasma Table

As a precision product, the CNC plasma table uses a computer to follow the CNC instructions. These are normally pre-programmed on a desktop computer and then transferred to the CNC machine by USB flash drive. The onboard computer has its own internal memory , so multiple programs can be loaded into memory and selected for each job as it is completed.

The plasma table features a dual driving gantry structure which makes light work of heavy jobs. Internally there is a powerful engine with planetary gearbox, for precise operation and stable transmission.

The gears in our machine are made from metal. This is a very important detail. Some of the cheap machines (and even some quite expensive ones) from other manufacturers may have plastic gears inside. Obviously using plastic gears in industrial machinery is a bad idea because they are not likely to cope well with the stresses of heavy duty application. You can easily access the gearbox for servicing and standard regular maintenance tasks.

The Science of Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting technology is truly a miracle of modern engineering. Since ancient times, people have believed there are three possible states for matter to exist. Matter could either be solid, liquid, or gas, according to the previously held theories. Plasma technology actually creates a fourth state of possibility, where the boundary between matter and energy is more difficult to discern.

In some ways, the interior of a plasma cutter resembles a jet engine. Gas enters the ignition chamber through a wide intake and exits through a much narrower outlet. As the gas flows along this path, it is ignited by a powerful electric charge. The result causes the gas particles to become electrically charged, which attracts them to the metal plate where the circuit shorts out. The heat resulting from this reaction has a laser-like cutting effect on the metal, giving a very quick and precise cut, without the artefacts and defects common to many other cutting methods.

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