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At Asset Plant & Machinery, we give companies across Australia access to the best quality machinery and equipment around. Whether you’re an engineer or in the manufacturing industry, we know how important it is to have solid, functional, and reliable machinery all year round. That’s why we don’t just offer a wide range of CNC laser cutters, but we also provide the fume extraction system for plasma cutting machines. Read More

Laser fume extraction is an essential part of your operation, keeping your machinery in proper working condition and keeping you and your team safe.

What is a Fume Extraction System for Plasma Cutting Machines?

Plasma cutters are extremely efficient, but they require a dust and fume extractor because of the fumes and dust created during the cutting process. Whether you’re cutting steel, aluminium, copper, or wood, you are going to create gasses that are dangerous to breathe in during the process. Even in a well-ventilated space, these gasses are easy to inhale, which is why a fume extraction system is so important.

With a fume extraction unit from Asset Plant & Machinery, you can avoid accidental gas combustion and fume inhalation. Extractors will pull away any excess material and fumes created as a result of your work, and expel it. These systems are also known as a Local Exhaust Ventilation system.

Lots Available on Our Site

We have a huge selection of products for you to choose from on our site. So, whether you need ventilation and extractors for a handheld unit, or you require something larger and suited for industrial use, we can help. Browse our site and you’ll find a wide selection of products, with each listing featuring all the technical information you need to make the right choice.

Features to Look Out For

When browsing our site for the perfect fume extraction unit, there are some key features you should be on the lookout for. You’ll always want to get the best suction and filtration performances, along with a high airflow rate that utilises wide and long downdraft tables. A good, heavy construction means the unit will stay firmly in place and functional for many years to come, and if you choose the low energy consumption options, you’ll save money and help with the conservation of energy.

Need Advice?

Not sure which plasma table fume extractor is best for you? Need help from one of our staff? No problem! We have a team of experts available via live chat, email, or over the phone who can help you make the right choice. We don’t just facilitate sales – we ensure that you always make an informed purchasing decision, and our team have access to all the information you could ever need to make the right choice.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch online or over the phone, and a member of the Asset Plant & Machinery team will be delighted to help you find the right piece of machinery.

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