CNC technology has completely transformed the way that the industry approaches the production of a variety of metal work products. It has opened the door for operators of all shapes and sizes to generate fast and effective production cycles without running staff into the ground.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we’ve positioned ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of CNC driven machinery, and we owe that in part to the variety of CNC machines that we make available to our clients in the metalworking industry and beyond.

With both existing stock at our warehouse in Dandenong, and strong partnerships to draw on  – we pride ourselves on making top-quality CNC cutting machines and more available to our clients across Australia at trade direct prices.

Take a look below to learn more about each of our products, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries!

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What is a CNC Machine?

CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’. It’s a technology that uses gas, optics, and a programmable guidance system to make precise cuts in a given material. The technology was first developed almost 50 years ago but has seen iterative improvements that have turned it into the beast that it is today.

What Are the Different Types of CNC Cutting Machines?

Below you’ll see we’ve broken our CNC cutting machine range into smaller groups by the cutting implement they use. We’ve done this because your choice of cutting implement is perhaps the biggest deciding factor in your choice of CNC machine.

A CNC laser cutting machine is a piece of equipment that uses a laser beam to melt, vaporise or cut material. A CNC plasma cutting machine works similarly by using a jet of ionized gas running at temperatures over 20,000°C. Oxy CNC machines will similarly work by melting the material to be cut with a combination of pure oxygen and steel. But a router will work with a traditional router bit to produce a result comparable to a hand router, just much faster and more precise.

Each has their strengths, Asset Plant & Machinery are here to help you understand how each might work in with your specific needs.

Why Would I Want a CNC Machine for My Metalworking Business?

CNC machinery has become phenomenally popular with engineers and metalworkers across Australia and the world for the accuracy it delivers while cutting. Metalworking businesses prepared to make the investment can expect a consistent return – provided they have made a purchase that aligns with their business goals.

Asset Plant & Machinery are here to help you make informed decisions in your choice of CNC machine. We can help you understand the various cutting instrumentation types, the scale you might require, and assist you in ensuring that your metalworking business is equipped to make the best use of your choice of machinery.

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