Technology always has and always will play a huge role in sheet metal fabrication. In order to remain competitive, it’s important that you stay in touch with the emerging technology that you have at your disposal. CNC cutting machines are not themselves entirely new, but inventive new ways to use that technology are emerging all the time. One important cutting implement type to be aware of is the one that combines plasma cutting with oxy fuel.

Take a look below to find out more about one such example we have here at Asset Plant & Machinery. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries!

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What is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’. What this means is that the cutting implement you choose is guided by a combination of gas, optics, and a programmable guidance system. A CNC enables you to make a great deal of work happen quickly and reliably – and all according to designs you have set out ahead of time.

Why Combine Plasma and Oxy Cutting?

Plasma cutting involves using a jet of ionized gas running at temperatures over 20,000°C. Oxy cutting is not all that dissimilar in that it works with pure oxygen to produce heat and melt square cuts through materials of varied thicknesses.

Plasma tends to be faster than oxy cutting and produces brilliant cuts on thinner pieces that will often have virtually dross-free edges – making them suitable for processing without any further input. Oxy cutting though, is not only one of the least expensive cutting methods fuel-wise, but will also enable you to cut much thicker working pieces.

They each have their strengths but combining the two offers a way of drawing out those strengths and using them to complement each other’s capabilities. Used together, engineering and metalworking businesses can optimise running costs and generate both versatility and elevated standards in your end product.

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