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What is a Cold Saw Blade?

A cold saw blade is circular in shape and can be classified into two varieties. The first is a solid high-speed steel blade, and the second is a tungsten carbide-tipped blade. Both of these varieties can be resharpened, which is one of the biggest selling points that attract manufacturers and workshop hobbyists. The blades can easily be reused as many as 40 times, even with their high-strength blade tips.

The blades are designed to be used at a much slower speed than most other blades, which is one of the ways that they avoid generating much heat. Each tooth on the blade can withstand a high chip load, and the electric motor that powers it maintains a constant speed to create a perfectly straight cut every time.

Cold saw blades work thanks to the shearing action created by the motor, and the results are quite different to most traditional saws. They are used increasingly in a manufacturing environment for use on extrusions, tubes, billets, ingots, castings, and more.

Some blades may even come with a number of different resistant coatings which protect against oxidisation and other forms of chemical damage.

Replacements, Repairs, and Servicing

We do more than sell you great products at low prices. We also provide regular servicing and maintenance for all kinds of equipment, including saws and blades. We have a prompt breakdown service which can take the form of phone assistance, or us sending out a team of experts to help you in your own workshop.

You can also choose a servicing plan that gives you preventative maintenance throughout the year to ensure your equipment works as you need it when you need it. These scheduled maintenance programs are one of the most popular services we offer, and we think it’s a really important part of what we do. We sell you durable, high-quality products and we help you maintain them too.

Our services include:

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