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What is a Cold Saw and Why Use It?

A cold metal saw is a piece of machinery used to cut metal. It is popular for its high levels of accuracy an the strength of its blade, which is circular and uses teeth to create perfectly straight cuts in sheet metal. It works differently to a regular abrasive saw, that typically transfers the heat generated into the metal being cut. This causes warping, it requires more energy, and it wears blades more quickly.

A cold cut metal saw uses a high-speed steel circular blade, powered by an electric motor, to achieve a constant speed that cuts ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Heat is also not transferred into the materials being cut, reducing the damaging effect that saws often have on sheet metal.

Cold saws are ideal for most metalworkers who require a clean finish, and they offer the added benefit of lasting longer than traditional saws. Cold saw blades can be reused and sharpened as many as 40 times after their first use until the blade eventually becomes too small to cut through metal.

Anyone who requires a quality finish, greater accuracy, and long-lasting durability should consider moving to a cold saw.

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