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What is a Cold Saw and Why Use It?

A cold metal saw is a piece of machinery used to cut metal. It is popular for its high levels of accuracy an the strength of its blade, which is circular and uses teeth to create perfectly straight cuts in sheet metal. It works differently to a regular abrasive saw, that typically transfers the heat generated into the metal being cut. This causes warping, it requires more energy, and it wears blades more quickly.

A cold cut metal saw uses a high-speed steel circular blade, powered by an electric motor, to achieve a constant speed that cuts ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Heat is also not transferred into the materials being cut, reducing the damaging effect that saws often have on sheet metal.

Cold saws are ideal for most metalworkers who require a clean finish, and they offer the added benefit of lasting longer than traditional saws. Cold saw blades can be reused and sharpened as many as 40 times after their first use until the blade eventually becomes too small to cut through metal.

Anyone who requires a quality finish, greater accuracy, and long-lasting durability should consider moving to a cold saw.

Keeping You Informed

Not only do we aim to bring you the best prices around, but we also believe in providing all of our customers with as much information as possible. You’ll notice that upon searching for a metal cutting saw, you’ll be presented with all the options available to you along with a summary of what those products are.

If you need more information, just click on the product and the full specifications are outlined to you, along with our highly competitive prices. We do this to ensure you’re completely certain the item is right for you, but we also offer great customer service if you have any further questions you need answering.

Our services include:

Preventing Your Metal Cutting Saw from Breakdown

No factory floor supervisor ever wants to see production grind to a halt. Even if it’s just one part of the process that is rendered redundant, the knock-on effect can make life challenging in the days and weeks ahead, particularly if it remains unresolved for hours or even days.

There is, of course, a sense of inevitability about this happened at some point no matter how efficient or well managed your floor is. The truth is that without appropriate and regular maintenance, your metal cutting saw and any other machines are at an increased level of risk.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we want our clients to thrive and prosper as a result of the superb machines and equipment that we sell them. To try to make this possible and to reduce the risk of unforeseen breakdowns occurring, we can provide scheduled maintenance that makes a world of difference. A breakdown to your machine may on first look appear to be something simple, however, it could also be symptomatic of something else that has gone wrong internally.

Our specialist technicians bring their years of experience working in all parts of the metalworking industry when they visit your factory floor. They go to great lengths to fully assess the machine that has experienced a problem and to determine what has gone wrong, why and prescribe a repair plan that will get you back up and running again.

Those that recognise the value in an efficient floor typically schedule a maintenance call every year, just so that they are one step ahead and can nip any problem that is presenting before it causes a total shutdown of their processes.

No Machine Operates in Isolation – We Can Help Keep Production Moving

Over the past 20 plus years, we have visited the production facilities and premises of thousands of clients. While a single machine initially appears to be the problem in the line, we have in many cases identified additional issues in other machines, which contributed to the breakdown.

Once a machine no longer works as effectively as it was designed, this can lead to small, nearly imperceptible changes that can escalate. If your metal cutting saw is losing its accuracy and precision, but only by the slightest of margins, then now is the time to have it looked at. The real problem threat to your production line is complacency when issues are identified.

Taking the time to bring in a specialist who can determine where the problem is and then fix it can spare you hours of downtime and the stress associated with a production line that is falling behind its targets. At Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe that those who take charge and say no to complacency are ultimately rewarded by a much more reliable and efficient outcome in their production methods.

No machine operates in isolation and at some point, the knock-on effect will be felt elsewhere when problems arise. One thing is certain, it will definitely show up in the year-end books and will not reflect positively on your profits.

Rather than push ahead and hope for the best, now is the time to address any minor problems that have been reported. That way, your workers can achieve the highest standards when using the metal cutting saw and with regular maintenance, all of your machines will continue to operate efficiently and effectively. Get in touch with us at Asset Plant & Machinery today to schedule a maintenance call.

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