An industrial bandsaw is an essential bit of equipment for any metalworking business looking to produce metal work at scale. They offer an unparalleled ability to produce clean and accurate cuts with only minimal setup time and can be used to cut irregular shapes for a broad variety of components.

But all that work has to go through a single blade, and while quality and a solid maintenance schedule will keep your bandsaw running beautifully – it will eventually come time to replace that metal cutting bandsaw blade.

If that time is approaching for you, you can purchase your next bandsaw blade here with us at Asset Plant & Machinery. We supply replacement bandsaw blades to metalworking businesses across Australia at trade direct prices – and are here to help you keep your bandsaw running smoothly.

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Buy Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades from Asset Plant & Machinery

Asset Plant & Machinery is where you can purchase not only the engineering and metalworking equipment itself, but also the replacement parts to keep it all running the way it should. Starting out back in 1996, we have made it our goal to ensure that our clients have everything they need to make their business run smoothly. Whether it’s lathes, milling machines, mill drills or bandsaws – we pride ourselves on being the suppliers to turn to for anything and everything metalworking. 

Get Your Bandsaw Checked Out by a Specialist

There’s no better time to get your bandsaw checked out than when you’re replacing a blade. Along with the blades themselves, Asset Plant & Machinery can help you make sure everything is running as it should.

Our technicians have decades of combined experience working with metalworking business owners of all sizes. Whether you are a national company that is scaling the heights of profitability, or if you are a start-up that is determined to optimise the performance of your bandsaw, you can trust that we can and will assist whenever you need help.

Get in Touch with Asset Plant & Machinery

At Asset Plant & Machinery, our considerable years of experience in the manufacturing and heavy industry gives us a unique range of skills and knowledge that is unparalleled. Whether you simply want to acquire new bandsaw blades or if you hope to determine if there is a fault with your machine, feel free to get in touch with us and have a chat about it. We deliver second-to-none service and strive to do more for you than anyone else.

You can reach out to us at 1800 503 934 or fire off an email to