Any business that requires specialised machinery for their factory floor will appreciate the difference excellent service makes when the time comes to invest. While your research into which double-column bandsaw will most likely be an extensive undertaking that will consider both the current applications as well as the potential future applications that it can achieve, having the benefit of a knowledgeable team can make your decision that bit more comfortable. Read More

Comprehensive Selection of Steelmaster Double Column Bandsaw Solutions

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are a team of technicians, stockists and suppliers that believe a customer-centric model is the only way to truly deliver high-quality service to the metalworking industry. We don’t just want you to see our prices and be impressed by how much more competitive they are than others in this industry – we want you to get a sense of our commitment to information and insight.

We first started this business back in 1996 and since then have grown to become one of Australia’s largest stockists and suppliers of machinery. This speaks to the quality of the products that we can consistently offer as well as the confidence our customers have in our ability to direct their attention and equip them with all of the information they need and an after-sales support system that is second-to-none.

We are a forward-thinking provider of solutions to the industry. Our extensive catalogue of Steelmaster products is equipped with the very best of modern technology to ensure that those who wish to tap into the very best solutions can do so. Our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria is stocked full of machinery that is ready to ship throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, we have a huge collection of spare parts, accessories and tools to complement everything from double column bandsaws to magnetic drills, lathes, cutting and measuring tools and beyond.

More Than One Way to Get the Most from Your New Machine

The purchase of a brand new machine will inevitably mean that some, if not all, of those that intend to work on it, will require training. This alone will help your workers to get the most from the new machine and to tap into the features that can deliver a very real difference to your balance sheet and profitability levels come the year’s end.

However, here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we appreciate that no matter what age a machine is, the reality is that in this industry it is almost a given that it will endure significant pressure, considerable use and be expected to withstand the wear and tear that so often cripples machines.

To create more value for our customers we seek to support them in as many ways as we possibly can. We believe that one of the best ways to achieve this is to implement a preventative maintenance program so that you benefit from the training, insights and knowledge of our technicians.

Even though your workers take great care with the machine and follow proper procedures, it stands to reason to engage with regular “health checks” on all of your machines to ensure that no problems are developing or issues presenting that require attention.

Given that the investment made into any of the double-column bandsaw solutions that are readily available to view here on our site will cost thousands of dollars, it makes sense to protect that investment by backing it up with the attention of a team who understand it.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we look forward to assisting you in this regard, and we are, of course, here to help should you require any guidance or further information about any of our products.

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