Picture your factory floor. Now imagine that the machines that are used everyday are replaced with the equivalent state-of-the-art machines of forty years ago. What kind of productivity levels would you expect to achieve? Would it be possible to meet the targets that you’ve set? Would your team be able to reach the same standards of finish?

Once new machines reach the market place and prove their worth, the process of change begins and we adopt the newer, faster, and more accurate latest and greatest to help our companies grow. The auto-feed bandsaw is just one example of a solution that has gone through many changes and iterations over the decades, all to deliver the same outcome. However, when the possibility to move forward is there, who wouldn’t opt to embrace it? Read More

Australia’s Ultimate Supplier of the Steelmaster Auto Feed Bandsaw

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, our mission is to continue to lead the field in Australia and New Zealand with regards to the supply of the very best metalworking machines currently accessible. From our base in Dandenong, Victoria, we work tirelessly to build a comprehensive range of machines, parts, accessories and tools so that our customers can find and access whatever they need when they need it.

We have more than twenty years under our belts to date and in that time we have acquired a wide-ranging and diverse skill set that differentiates our service from all of our competitors’. We don’t limit ourselves to machine supply, or general servicing, but we can also deliver high-quality asset plant service that will support you in a multitude of situations.

A Floor Survey Could Identify Productivity Inefficiencies

If there is one thing that we know better than most, it’s how to tell whether a machine is labouring to work as it was designed. We spend a lot of our time getting to know how each machine that we stock works. We know the ins and outs of every item that we supply and so if we are present on a factory floor when a machine is clearly malfunctioning or doing something that is at odds with its normal operational standards then you can bet that we will know how to fix it.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, whether we are looking at an automatic feed band saw or millings machines, lathes or drills, we view it through the eyes of a professional technician. And, since our team can identify where improvements could be made, it stands to reason that we make this service accessible to our customers.

The comprehensive survey that we undertake on the factory floor of any business is designed to look at every machine in use and to identify where servicing is necessary, repairs are required or a maintenance schedule would benefit the machine and help to extend its life.

This is a crucial step in protecting the investment that companies make every year in key assets that they depend so heavily upon and can result in pre-emptive action that spares you a major drop in productivity. We know precisely where to look for damage, for the source of a malfunction or electrical control issues.

So, if you are interested in speaking with our team about how we could add value and insulate your business from sudden breakdowns, or if you simply are keen to learn about the different auto-feed bandsaw solutions that are ready to ship throughout Australia and New Zealand, pick up the phone and give us a call, or complete the online enquiry form and let’s start a conversation that will help you take your business to the next level.

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