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What is a Vertical Turret Milling Machine?

A vertical turret milling machine is an invention that dates back to the early 1800s when manufacturers began looking for more efficient ways of milling metal. Today, a turret milling machine is a key component of metalworks and manufacturing, and at Asset Plant and Machinery, we provide companies and individuals all over Australia with the best quality and most reliable milling machines around.

Vertical turret milling machines feature a spindle that is aligned vertically to the bed of the machine. It is designed for the manufacturing of small and large metal parts, and is considered ideal by manufacturers who want to reduce the time spent in the manufacturing phase. It is considered a more versatile machine than a horizontal milling machine, which is really only suited to cutting grooves and slots on metal surfaces. Experienced metalworkers will know how to perform virtually any milling function using a vertical machine.

What Size Should I Buy?

If you are planning on using your turret mill for long, intensive tasks on a regular basis, then you should definitely consider purchasing one of the larger milling machines. However, if you are looking for a milling machine that is ideal or occasional use or for installation in your own personal workshop, there are many smaller desktop machines that cost less and perform extremely well despite their size.

Asset Plant & Machinery makes it easy for you to avoid the mistake of purchasing a cheaper, smaller device if you really need it for more intensive work. We offer a range of heavy duty vertical milling machines that can perform heavy duty work, all at extremely competitive prices.

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