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We aim to ensure everybody has access to the tools and equipment they need, at a price they can realistically afford. So whether you’re looking for engineering, sheet metal, or general metalwork machinery, be sure to check out our online store.

We have a wide range of pedestal drill options available, too. Our selection includes affordable and simple pedestal drill options, as well as more complex and multi-faceted tools should you require them.

Why Pedestal Drills are Essential Equipment

A pedestal drill is an essential piece of equipment for a wide range of industries. It is a tool that offers a number of benefits over a traditional handheld drill, particularly in terms of control and pressure. Attached to a pedestal, this drill can drill perfectly perpendicular holes in all varieties of material and surfaces.

The user can also adjust the angle of the drill depending on the unit in question, and adjust pressure according to the materials being worked with.

Furthermore, a series of perfect holes can be drilled into a material in a similarly perfect line. This is something extremely difficult to achieve with a handheld drill, even when taking extra care. These holes can also be drilled to a specified depth, making it ideal for a manufacturing environment where every millimetre matters.

Our Huge Variety of Pedestal Drills

Search ‘pedestal drill’ on our website, and you’ll be presented with an impressive range of equipment. Not only do we sell the tool itself, coming in various configurations from multiple manufacturers, but all the accessories you need to use alongside it are available too.

Whether you’re looking for drill bits, mill drills, cutter sets or more, we have absolutely everything you need. All the relevant information about each product is displayed right there on the search page, or you can click the item you’re interested in to learn more about the product. You’ll notice that all prices are clearly labelled, too.

We’re proud of our prices because we take every measure we can to ensure you always get the best deal!

Our services include:

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The Asset Plant & Machinery team is extremely clued up on all the products we sell. We know that the specifics matter in this industry, so we’re always happy to offer assistance and advice when you’re searching for your latest piece of machinery.

If you have questions about a specific product and you can’t find the information you need on our site, simply click the “contact us” button on the website to initiate a phone call. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions over the phone and assist you with a purchase should you need it.

You can also click the “email” button to get in touch with us online, and a member of the team will be back in touch with the information you request/

We’re always happy to help and advise, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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