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Ribbing is an important step in the duct manufacturing process, and to be sure you’re getting the most accurate results; you should be sure to invest in quality machinery. Read More

Asset Plant & Machinery has all the equipment you need for manufacturing top quality HVAC components because the machinery we sell is also top quality.

Buying the right machine is important because it will provide superior levels of accuracy, reliability, and safety. The first of these factors – accuracy – is clearly vital because to make the very best HVAC ducts from sheet metal, you need to make sure every mark, notch, and fold is in exactly the right place. Improper placement or poor alignment can lead to leaks or other defects, and that can harm your reputation as a manufacturer.

Reliability is also essential because when you are making hundreds or even thousands of units per day, you will want to be sure they’re all perfectly identical, every time. If you have to waste precious time making adjustments or repairs, it amounts to lost productivity.

Obviously, safety is also a factor that can’t be ignored because accidents and injuries can lead to many problems. In fact, a workplace accident can be the most costly kind of interruption you can encounter.

Be sure that you’re getting the very best by buying your ribbing machine from Asset Plant & Machinery.

The basics

If you are setting up your first HVAC production line, you may be wondering why you’ll need a ribbing machine and if it’s a step you can skip. Considering that ribbing machines tend to be large and costly, that’s not an unreasonable question to have in your mind.

HVAC systems can be made with flexible duct material or sheet metal. You only need a ribbing machine if you’re constructing your HVAC ducts with sheet metal. Even though it’s a bit cheaper to construct HVAC from the flexible material, there are many reasons why sheet metal HVAC duct fabrication is preferable.

Sheet metal is more suited to industrial grade installations, and these are where your company is more likely to be making the most profit. The average homeowner is typically unaware of flexible HVAC ducting, and in any case, most homeowners will opt for simpler air conditioning and heating systems which don’t require extensive duct work.

Flexible duct material also has a number of properties that make it less efficient than sheet metal, as the airflow is restricted by these defects, which in turn can lead to other problems such as system overloading and faster wear of components.

The best systems use a combination of sheet metal and flexible material, or sheet metal only. Correctly applied ribbing technique ensures the finished product will more easily attain and hold the correct shape. It also imparts a slightly improved impact resistance.

Because ribbing makes so much of a difference, it is certainly not recommended to skip this part of the manufacturing process. If cost is a factor, it would be better to find other ways to save than to eliminate necessary steps from the procedure.

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