Asset Plant and Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of duct seaming machines, as well as other kinds of metalwork machinery, tools, and accessories in Australia. Since 1996, our company has provided one of the largest selections of machinery for metalworkers and major manufacturing operations across the country, and we’re proud to continue expanding that portfolio of products and giving our customers the best customer service at the same time. Read More

Australia’s Trusted Supplier of Duct Seaming Machines

With a warehouse located in Dandenong, Victoria, we’re able to ship out machinery large and small to companies and individuals all over the region. For every seaming machine for sale, you’ll find a variety of accessories designed to work perfectly alongside your new equipment.

So whether you know exactly the duct zipper machine you need, or you’re ready to search through our wide selection of products, you’ll have all the support you need from Asset Plant and Machinery.

Different Varieties of Duct Zipper Machine

Duct zipper machines are an essential piece of equipment for all varieties of metalwork and manufacturing operations, offering the important function of closing seams on ducts. It eliminates the need to hammer metal and helps seamlessly join two pieces of sheet metal together in a way that is completely durable and free of imperfection and holes.

At Asset Plant and Machinery, you’ll find a huge variety of these machines on our website. There are round duct lock seam machines, hydraulic machines, and automated seam closers designed to make your experience using the equipment so much easier.

When you browse our site, you can find the category in the menu section or search for duct seaming machines in the search bar. You’ll be presented with a full list of all the products we offer, along with a selection of accessories and related tools that can be used alongside the device. Each listing will detail the specifications of each device to make it easier for you to differentiate between them, and you can get even more information about the machine if you click the listing and read the full specs on the dedicated product page.

Great Aftercare, Every Time

Our team aims to ensure that every seaming machine for sale is backed up by a customer care plan that works for you. When you check out, you’ll be given lots of options regarding your warranty, and even a maintenance plan that involves our team routinely checking out your machine and performing preventative maintenance to keep it working properly for longer.

Not only that, but the team is always around to offer advice and support after you purchase the equipment.

Other services include:

How Specialist Attention Adds Value to Your Factory Floor

Changes to the machines and equipment that are used throughout the metalworking industry are seen more commonly today than in the past. Technological advances have made a huge difference to the way that we work and the way that machine operators engage with the tools of their trade. Everything from a duct seaming machine to a press brake has changed considerably. As such, the mechanisms within and the way that the tech interacts with the machine require the attention of a specialist even when routine maintenance is needed.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are the go-to team that can help you in this regard. Since 1996 we have dedicated ourselves to affording our clients a level of insight and expertise that is second to none. Each new machine or piece of equipment that we acquire to sell from our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria, is studied by our technicians so that they can confidently talk about their strengths and competently address any issues that may arise once they are in use.

There is little point in calling up a handyman to take a look at your finely tuned machines when you have noticed that it is not achieving its highest standards. Protecting your investment means turning to those that have the capabilities to assess the situation without causing damage or negatively impacting the machine in any way.

We have the knowledge you can depend on to find hidden faults, assess electrical fault issues, determine whether sensors are malfunctioning and countless other problems that can set you back. With our help, through maintenance and top-quality repairs, your factory floor can run smoothly and achieve higher standards.

Shipping Across Australia, New Zealand and Beyond

When you are researching suppliers to identify where you can find a seaming machine for sale you may find the same products available from different stockists. In such instances, your decision-making process expands to issues to do with price and delivery. Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we ship across Australia, throughout New Zealand and we even cater to customers that are based all around the world.

We have built solid relationships with the manufacturers whose products we sell over the past two decades and counting, which gives us a competitive advantage since we can offer you the best of the best at industry direct prices. Our competitors cannot match our prices and the quality of the machines and equipment that we supply is unparalleled.

When you need a new asset for your factory floor we want to know when you need it and whether there is a time-sensitive aspect to the matter. International shipments of machines can take little longer to facilitate, but we will work hard to achieve the deadline that you have, or agree on a suitable alternative. We are a team of problem-solvers, so rather than assume that it’s too late to act, call or chat with us online and let’s see if we can achieve your goal.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we take the time to educate our workers on the equipment and machines that they sell. We know that our customers have countless other tasks that require their focus and attention, so you can depend on us to provide you with the information you need when you need it and secure you the best price.

We have everything from seamers to oils and lubricants in our warehouse, all ready to ship and you can trust that your purchase will be backed up by the best aftersales service in the business.

Need More Info? Just Get in Touch!

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