Asset Plant and Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of duct seaming machines, as well as other kinds of metalwork machinery, tools, and accessories in Australia. Since 1996, our company has provided one of the largest selections of machinery for metalworkers and major manufacturing operations across the country, and we’re proud to continue expanding that portfolio of products and giving our customers the best customer service at the same time. Read More

Australia’s Trusted Supplier of Duct Seaming Machines

With a warehouse located in Dandenong, Victoria, we’re able to ship out machinery large and small to companies and individuals all over the region. For every seaming machine for sale, you’ll find a variety of accessories designed to work perfectly alongside your new equipment.

So whether you know exactly the duct zipper machine you need, or you’re ready to search through our wide selection of products, you’ll have all the support you need from Asset Plant and Machinery.

Different Varieties of Duct Zipper Machine

Duct zipper machines are an essential piece of equipment for all varieties of metalwork and manufacturing operations, offering the important function of closing seams on ducts. It eliminates the need to hammer metal and helps seamlessly join two pieces of sheet metal together in a way that is completely durable and free of imperfection and holes.

At Asset Plant and Machinery, you’ll find a huge variety of these machines on our website. There are round duct lock seam machines, hydraulic machines, and automated seam closers designed to make your experience using the equipment so much easier.

When you browse our site, you can find the category in the menu section or search for duct seaming machines in the search bar. You’ll be presented with a full list of all the products we offer, along with a selection of accessories and related tools that can be used alongside the device. Each listing will detail the specifications of each device to make it easier for you to differentiate between them, and you can get even more information about the machine if you click the listing and read the full specs on the dedicated product page.

Great Aftercare, Every Time

Our team aims to ensure that every seaming machine for sale is backed up by a customer care plan that works for you. When you check out, you’ll be given lots of options regarding your warranty, and even a maintenance plan that involves our team routinely checking out your machine and performing preventative maintenance to keep it working properly for longer.

Not only that, but the team is always around to offer advice and support after you purchase the equipment.

Other services include:

Need More Info? Just Get in Touch!

For more information about the range of products we offer, or to get help finding the right machine for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us by clicking the “contact us” button at the top of the page, and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your requirements and find a product that suits your needs (and budget!).

Alternatively, you can send us an email by clicking the “email” button at the top of the page.

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