Hydraulic Pan Brake Suppliers and Specialists in Australia

Since 1996, Asset Plant and Machinery has supplied the best quality workshop machinery and equipment to businesses all over Australia. We help companies just like yours achieve great success and improve their efficiency and productivity with tools, accessories, and great expertise. Our team of staff have great familiarity with the products we offer and can offer the advice you need to find the right products. Read More

We are a specialist supplier of hydraulic pan brakes, offering only the most durable equipment from reputable manufacturers. Take a look at our online store and you’ll see a huge range of hydraulic folders and related machinery at really competitive prices.

Solid Warranties and Servicing Options

Every product we sell, including hydraulic folders, come with full warranties to ensure that you’re never sold short. We believe in the quality of our products, which is why we send technicians to inspect and repair any item within warranty. We can send a team member to your premises to check over your equipment, which will result in a repair service or even a replacement. Alternatively, if the part that has failed can be shipped, we will be happy to replace it with an item from our stock, or we’ll simply order a new one for you.

Our maintenance service is very popular, too. We can send technicians from our Victoria headquarters to check your machinery and keep it in top condition for years to come. We believe in giving our customers the very best and helping you get the most out of our machinery, so you can always count on our team to help.

Great Features on Hydraulic Pan Brakes

Hydraulic pan brakes are a popular option for manufacturers and engineers throughout Australia for the versatility they offer. The bend plate is driven by hydraulics, allowing a great deal of force as well as precision control. They feature easy control of their degree adjustment auto-stop, with some offering a semi-automatic bending mode to improve efficiency and productivity.

Switch between variable bending speeds, change material thickness, and enjoy amazing longevity with your equipment thanks to the greasable joints. The features available will depend entirely on the make and model you choose, but you can rest assured everything available at Asset Plant & Machinery is sourced from reputable manufacturers and come with a warranty you can rely on.

Hydraulic pan brake machinery is extremely desirable for good reason – they offer great features, and they last for years!

Our products include:

We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Machine

Not only is our website easy to navigate and packed full of important information about all the products we sell, but we have a team of technicians who are always happy to help.

If you need expert advice or support, just pick up the phone and call us on 1800 511 508. We’ll help you find the right machine on our site, and answer all your questions. You can also send us a message via the contact form right here on our site.

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