Getting products moving along the assembly line requires the use of some kind of conveyance device. The most usual types in use are belt conveyors and roller conveyors. When working with metal and similar materials, roller conveyors are the more typical type employed for the task. Read More

Industrial Conveyor Rollers
A roller stand  is constructed with legs, a frame to support the rollers, and the rollers themselves. The height is determined by the length of the legs, the bed length is determined by the length of the frame spans, and the width of the bed is determined by the length of the rollers.
If you use shorter legs at one end than at the other, you can create a gravity feed (non-powered) conveyance system in that section. Using stepped widths of rollers to create a channelling system is not advised, because it is better to use guide rails for this purpose. It’s better for all the rollers to be the same size.
It’s possible to buy an adjustable roller stand  where some of these metrics can be modified to suit the task at hand.
For special purposes, you may need a heavy duty roller stand
Most conveyor systems are strong, but some load types may need the extra strength of a heavy duty system. If you’re processing items of immense weight, or your conveyor will be in constant operation, a heavy duty system is advised.
Maintaining a conveyor roller stand
A good thing about these stands is that they’re quite simple. Anyone can quickly learn the maintenance tasks without lengthy training. If training your own employees in conveyor maintenance is not the best option, there are specialist conveyor maintenance engineers you can hire for the job.
If your roller stand is a powered conveyor, it will normally have a chain drive (you can fit sprockets over specific rollers or all the rollers depending on your needs) and maintaining the chain drive is just the same as maintaining a bicycle chain.
Some light oiling on a regular basis should be sufficient to keep the chain in good order. Other than that, you simply should make some effort to prevent contaminants from being able to come into contact with the chain.
Cleaning the rollers for both powered and non-powered systems is also advisable. This is very simple also and the simplest way to achieve this is to run a couple of items along the conveyor with a brush attached which will remove dust, dirt, and debris.
If something has spilled on the rollers, you’ll need to know the chemical composition of the spill. If it is a food substance, simple detergent and water will be sufficient in most cases. If it is something more industrial, you should consult specialist advice on the cleaning methods recommended for that particular substance.
Most steel conveyor rollers  are either bare metal or made from metal wrapped in a vinyl polymer, or metal wrapped in solid rubber. Using a roller with a softer coating can be a good idea when you’re working with delicate objects, or when you want to reduce noise. Make sure that any cleaning fluids you use are not incompatible with the roller surface.
For advice and assistance with buying roller conveyor stands
Asset Plant & Machinery is a major Australian supplier of quality industrial machinery products. We can assist you with your purchasing decisions whether you need just a standard roller conveyor or a heavy duty roller conveyor. Our expert staff can answer any question about these products, so you can buy with confidence.
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Protect Your Investment with Preventative Maintenance

A breakdown on your production line whether it lasts an hour or a day adds up to losses no matter what way you look at it. It is inevitable that at some point one of your machines or pieces of equipment will succumb to wear and tear or simply stop working because of an underlying fault or issue or become compromised due to breakages.

You cannot do without your roller conveyor or any other item simply because your processes have been designed to incorporate them. While insurance is great and can cover you in some instances, the time required to see that process through can be drawn out.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe that those who want to truly protect their investment should build a preventative maintenance schedule into their annual plan. This check-up service assesses just how well your factory floor is working and identifies where weaknesses exist that could compromise productivity.

While we are best known for supplying the very best brands and equipment in the manufacturing and heavy industry, we complement this service with exceptional after-sales support. Our technicians know more about the machines that we sell than most others and are ideally placed to service, repair and get them back to their best.

On paper, a preventative maintenance plan makes sense to simply keep things going and prevent drops in quality. However, those that can show that they had upkeep measures in place also stand a better chance of streamlining the insurance claim process where that is being pursued. Your commitment to safety, effectiveness and demonstrated repairs and servicing can become an important part of any claim.

Our Financing Plans Help Businesses Thrive

No matter if you are just about to launch your own factory business, or if you are one of the biggest names in the industry, our doors are open to all. We can afford you access to the kind of roller conveyor that you want and with industry direct prices applicable it is unlikely that you will find a better deal in the market.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, our mission is to create value in as many ways as we can for our customers. Great machines, even with our prices, can cost quite a bit of money, which means that smaller businesses or those that are experiencing a downturn in their fortunes may feel that they are not attainable. To rectify this and make the market that bit more competitive and fair, we have excellent financing plans to make your dream a reality.

We appreciate that some businesses have the means of paying outright, but for those that don’t or who simply prefer to smartly spread the cost of their investment over a few months or years, then our store is the ideal choice. We offer fantastic leasing terms for all of our machines, which affords you the chance to browse with confidence and explore your options.

When orders are in and you really need to hit those productivity levels that can satisfy the orders from your customers, then having the right equipment ready to use is essential. Financing is the perfect solution that gives you the springboard to capitalise on demand and see a return on your investment that will cover the repayments and then some.

So, if you require a roller conveyor call the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery today to discuss financing options and put a preventative maintenance plan in place that will afford you every opportunity to make the most of your investment as the years pass.

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