Sheetmetal Fabrication

STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL offers a wide selection of Industrial Quality Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery second to none.Pressbrakes, Guillotines, Panbrake Folders, Punch & Shears, Tube & Pipe Benders, Plate Curving Rollers, CNC Plasma-Cutters, Fibre Laser-Cutters just to mention a few. Both conventional and CNC-controlled machines are available.

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No matter the sheet metal fabrication equipment you need, Asset Plant & Machinery has everything you need. We are one of the most trusted suppliers of industrial machinery and equipment in Australia, and we can’t wait for you to check out our amazing range right here on our website!

Since 1996, businesses all over Australia have been coming to us for our quality products, competitive prices, and great customer service. Whatever sheet metal equipment and machinery accessories you need, we’re happy to help you find the right product and tell you more about our products when you get in touch.

So be sure to check out our range online and get in touch if you have any questions. We’re confident we can meet your needs, and offer you the best deals!

What’s on Offer Online

Do you specialize in sheet metal fabrication, or require sheet metal fabrication for other industrial work? We offer a wide selection of sheet metical fabrication machinery that suits all needs. Our range includes Pressbrake machinery, guillotines, panbrake folders, punch and shear equipment, and a number of sheet and plate curving rolls. Not only that, we provide CNC Plasma equipment, lockseamers, jenny and swages, section and pipe rolling machinery, and much, much more.

We’ve designed our website to be extremely easy to navigate, too! Scroll down and you’ll see all the categories on the left side of the page, and a huge selection to choose from on the right. You can then easily choose products based on the specifications provided in the title and the prices labelled right on that same page. We’re completely transparent with every product we offer, making it super easy for you to find the right machinery as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, you’ll find a huge selection of machinery options in each of the category boxes you see – so be sure to check out all the options available. Within each category, you’ll be presented with a range of accessories that are suitable for each individual machine. Whatever you need, you can rest assured it’s all available…and if you need any help finding the right item, we always have a team ready to help you.

Got Questions? Contact Our Team Today!

Got questions about any of our sheet metal fabrication equipment for sale? Don’t worry, we’ve made it really simple to speak to one of our team members who can answer any questions you have. Simply pick up the phone and call us today on 1800 511 508 and we’ll be delighted to answer all your questions and ensure you make an informed purchasing decision.

A member of the Asset Plant & Machinery team will be happy to walk you through our huge range of products, taking into account your company’s specific needs as well as your budget. It’s the easiest way to find the right product, and we’re confident we can find the right product at a competitive price.

Alternatively, you can reach us by filling in the contact form on our website. Tell us your name, your contact details, and some information about your query and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible with all the answers.

Whatever you need, we’re always happy to help – so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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