Metal decoilers serve an important function in sheet metal work. In fact, without a decoiler you can rely on for a quality result, you’d be starting each component you work on with materials that aren’t up to scratch. It’s not the fault of the materials or the supplier – it’d be that you hadn’t equipped your workers with the gear they need to make consistently great results happen. Fortunately, right here with Asset Plant & Machinery is where you can fix that.

The sheet metal your workers use is usually shipped in large rolls or coils. A decoiling machine is one that makes it possible to unfurl and straighten this sheet metal for later processing. We sell a variety of decoilers designed and manufactured by the market leading SteelMaster Industrial. All available from our existing stock or sourced quickly at trade direct prices. Take a look below and follow the links to learn more about each.

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Equip Your Metalworking Business with a SteelMaster Metal Decoiler

Asset Plant & Machinery is an Australian owned business that can help find the complete answer when it comes to building out the HVAC duct manufacturing capabilities you’re looking for. Starting out back in 1996, we set ourselves apart as suppliers by ensuring that we’re helping our customers make targeted decisions about the equipment they purchase. Decoiler machines are just one piece of the puzzle, we also sell:

And much more. We can even equip your operation with advanced automation capabilities that will take your output and your metalworking business to the next level.

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