Compromise is a term that many business owners will be familiar with. Those with special requirements for the machinery and equipment that they use may have to accept that one model or another is the best possible choice for their needs. However, they are likely more than aware of the fact that the choice made does not necessarily achieve everything that they want.

Whether you are looking for brake press tooling or if you are hoping to acquire load rollers or sheet metal machines, we understand that getting it the way that you want it is often more important than the price paid or the delivery date. Read More

Brake Press Tooling The Way You Want It

At Asset Plant & Machinery, our customer-centric approach to business puts you front and centre every time you engage any of our team. We have over twenty years experience dealing with a multitude of businesses across all disciplines within the metalworking industry and this has given us a complete appreciation of the need to adapt and not only supply but meet the needs of our customers when they require something a little different.

To this end, we provide customisation of machinery so that it delivers the exact results that you need. Our team of highly skilled technicians know the machines that we supply very well and our long-standing relationships with manufacturers means that we have a depth of knowledge and expertise that is second to none. This is one of the many reasons that we are the one-stop-shop solution that countless businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand turn to every year.

B2B Industrial Metalworking Machinery at Industry Direct Prices

Value for money will always be the cornerstone of any deal for high-value assets. There are independent stockists that arrive onto the market and make a splash by affording huge cuts in prices, but anyone that’s been around for a while will appreciate the fact that many of these businesses do not sustain over time, and so when replacement parts are needed or additional tools sought out, they may not still be around.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, our business has grown over two decades. Through carefully curating manufacturers and selecting the very best machines available year-on-year, we have earned our place as one of Australia’s largest stockists of high-quality goods. We sell brake press tooling and a huge range of metalworking products at industry direct prices today because we have developed our business and networks to a point where we can pass savings onto the customers.

When you choose to buy from a trusted stockist with evidence of longevity, you gain so much more than the best of products. Knowledge and information make every single sale that we complete that little bit easier for our customers.

We continually strive to develop our understanding of each item that we stock at our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria, and learn as much as we possibly can about its applications, how it can be adapted and used, so that when you come to us with a question or a proposition, we have an answer and a solution ready.

Other products we offer include:

At Asset Plant & Machinery, when you acquire brake press tooling from us, you also tap into after-sales servicing and repairs. We offer the complete package for those that want the best machines and depend on quality maintenance to ensure that the investment delivers the return expected over time.

Contact us today to discuss any of the items that are here to view on our site, or to simply learn more about how we can adapt our machines so that you don’t even have to consider compromising.

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