Metalwork has always been about technology – and when it comes to making use of the best the industry has to offer, you wouldn’t be doing your metalworking business wrong to look to CNC plasma cutting machines. Available at trade direct prices to order or from a range of existing stock – you can buy yours here from us at Asset Plant & Machinery.

Equipped for a variety of cutting purposes, the range of SteelMaster CNC plasma cutters we stock here at Asset Plant & Machinery is sure to cover your needs. We have an extensive range on hand and ready to ship Australia wide, and can source other solutions at your request. Follow the links below to get a look at the specific features of each, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or queries.

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What Is A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

A CNC plasma cutting machine is one that uses a jet of ionized gas running at temperatures over 20,000°C to make precise cuts in a range of materials. The plasma passes through the material by melting a path, and with a CNC, this process can be made very precise.

CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’ – it’s a system that uses gas, optics, and a guidance system to move a cutting or drilling implement across a material. While the concept of a CNC has been around for a long time now, the expression of that concept has seen continual refinement over its 50 odd year history.

CNC machines are brilliant in a variety of sheet metal fabrication applications. And the modern workshop tends to see a CNC joining the more traditional press brakes, punch and sheer machines, guillotines and sheet and plate curving rolls as an indispensable bit of high-tech kit.

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