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Choosing the Correct Pan Brake Folder for Sale

Buying a pan brake folder isn’t a simple task because, at any one time, there are countless models available. These include both new and used machines with different sizes, capacities and features.

Although many will do the job you want, getting an unsuitable panbrake can be a costly mistake. It may work less efficiently, fail to the job as well as you’d like or simply be incapable of carrying out your needs. It pays, therefore, to be fully aware of what you need and choose equipment that can do it effectively.

Points to Consider for a Panbrake Folder for Sale

You need a pan brake to bend sheet metal and to do it accurately and efficiently. The one that’s best for you will depend on a number of factors that will determine the machine’s suitability.

  • Angle of bend needed. In some cases, the practical limit is 120-130 degrees although some can handle up to 180 degrees if you need to bend metal fully back on itself.
  • Accuracy required. The build quality and rigidity of the machine will help to minimise movement and ensure there is little or no deformation of the metal being bent. Additionally, a strong clamp will hold the material firmly in place and prevent movement.
  • Size of material. Different models can handle varying widths and lengths of material.
  • Thickness and type of material. Machines will typically handle mild steel up to a thickness of 4 millimetres maximum, stainless steel up to 2 millimetres and aluminium up to 6 millimetres, so it’s essential you know what you will be working with.
  • Ease of use. The clamp and other parts of the brake can be controlled by a control panel, touch screen, foot pedal or a combination so see what’s most convenient for you. Also, check how easy it is to adjust the clamp and to generally set up the machine.
  • If you have long production runs where you’re folding several pieces in the same way, ensure the machine can handle this. A panbrake that’s fully automated and very configurable with fast processing speed will help.
  • You need a machine that you can rely on so look for a well known name, good build quality and proven durability.
  • Every pan brake for sale in Australia won’t be able to handle complex bends in varying materials of different shapes and sizes. Know what you need to do and ensure any chosen machine has the necessary capability.

Getting the Best from the Best

The most reliable way of obtaining a suitable pan brake for sale is to buy from an experienced, knowledgeable and professional supplier. Here at Asset Plant and Machinery, we specialise in supplying machinery to the metalworking industry. We have a large range of equipment from the most reputable manufacturers and are sure to have something to meet your needs.

Our products include:

We have machinery in stock for quick delivery and everything we supply benefits from a comprehensive warranty and as much technical support as you need. We supply equipment with a range of features at costs to meet every budget. And we back that up with on-going service and readily available spare parts so your pan brake will give you years of valuable service.

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