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Getting the Correct Sheet Metal Pan Brake

Bending sheet metal can be a complex business and requires a specialised pan brake machine to do it properly. Whilst finding the one that’s best for you may be a challenging task, it’s worth the effort and will reward you in the end.

These machines range from small and simple bar folders to a large and powerful sheet metal box and pan brake that’s for sale to cope with really complex jobs. The one you acquire will depend on your individual needs but it’s important that you look ahead and get one that will do what’s required now and later in its life.

Consider a Machine’s Features and What You Need

The features you need to consider when choosing a pan brake bender are as follows:

  • the tonnage delivered by the clamping bar, which needs to be sufficient to keep the material firmly fixed and prevent deformation of the bend
  • the clamping bar mechanism, which may be magnetic or hydraulic rams that work best in different circumstances
  • the flexibility of the clamping bar, which may have removable blocks that can be repositioned to determine the type and area of the bend needed; ensure these provide what you require
  • the maximum depth of box that can be produced by the machine
  • whether the maximum bend angle is sufficient; some machines typically bend up to 120-130 degrees while others support a 180 degree bend that will enable the flattening of the material
  • ease of operation, which may be provided by a control panel, touch screen, foot pedal or a combination, and whether automatic operation is supported
  • number of jobs that can be stored, enabling consistent processing of repeat jobs without the need to set up each time
  • scope for the repositioning of the material to be bent so that output is accurate
  • thickness and type of material to be bent, which will typically be mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • the size of the bed, which will determine the width and length of material that can be handled
  • whether the machine has a guillotine attachment to cut as well as bend metal
  • the overall size and weight of the pan brake bender, ensuring it can be moved to its final position and there is sufficient space to accommodate it; heavier machines tend to be more rigid and prevent movement of the material
  • the speed of the process, which will affect productivity
  • ease of maintenance to prolong the effective life of the machine
  • safety features of the equipment.

Helping You Get the Ideal Pan Brake Bender Machine

For a general sheet metal fabrication shop, HVAC shop or similar business, a pan brake bender is an essential piece of equipment. At Asset Plant and Machinery, we’ll help you get the one that’s best for you.

We’ll look at what you need, compare that to the features of every box and pan brake for sale and determine the most suitable one. We’ll take account of what you do, both now and in the foreseeable future, where the machine will be located and the budget you have available, and recommend something that fits perfectly.

Our products include:







  • And much more…

We are one of Australia’s largest stockists and suppliers of metalworking machinery so we’re sure to have something that’s suitable. It isn’t in our interests to recommend anything else and so we’ll always strive to provide exactly what you need.

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