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Endless Possibilities with a Magnetic Pan Brake

The principle behind a pan brake is quite simple in that its purpose is to bend sheet metal to a required angle. However, the means of doing that can be quite complex depending on the material being processed and the shape of the required output.

Some machines are designed to produce simple bends while box and pan brakes can output much more complicated shapes. To do this accurately and consistently, the material to be bent has to be held firmly in place with a clamp, which may be operated manually by foot pedal or other controls, or automatically. The effectiveness of this clamping action is crucial to the accurate operation of the equipment and a magnetic pan brake will deliver the most accurate and consistent results.

Advantages of a Magnetic Pan Brake

The material to be bent is placed on a hinged, flat surface and held in place by the clamping bar that provides the straight edge against which the metal is bent. Traditionally, the clamping bar has several removable blocks that provide finger depths which are adjustable for different applications. Magnetic versions, however, are not limited by finger depths and so are much more flexible in use.

In effect, a magnetic pan brake provides several benefits over a conventional version, which include:

  • a clamping force of typically 6-7 tons through the magnet so metal to be bent is held firmly and won’t move during the process as the bottom plate lifts to the specified angle
  • unlimited box depths due to not being restricted by finger depth settings
  • almost endless bending possibilities to form fully enclosed boxes, alternate bends on varying planes, triangles and various other shapes
  • consistently formed, crisp bends due to the firm nature of the magnetic clamp
  • easy control of the clamping bar so that materials can be positioned and repositioned as necessary
  • repeatable bends for long production runs ensure maximum productivity.

Extended Scope of Work

A magnetic pan brake has the flexibility to be used in place of several other machines in a workshop, potentially avoiding unnecessary capital investment, saving valuable space and opening up numerous work possibilities. It can handle several types and thicknesses of materials, creating complex bends and shapes for the most challenging of jobs. With the right choice of machine you can handle almost any metalworking project, whether small and complicated or a long production run, confident that everything will turn out as required thanks to the rigidity that the magnetic clamping bar provides.

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