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When working with metal you have to be able to trust the machinery that’s doing the heavy lifting. If you’re looking for a pan brake whether manual or hydraulic, waste no time checking out the range from Asset Plant. No matter what you’re looking for in a hydraulic pan brake, Asset Plant has your back.

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What is a Hydraulic Pan brake?

Base model pan brakes are relatively simple to understand – a machine that clamps metal and allows it to be accurately bent into a number of different shapes. There are, however, a range of pan brakes that operate differently and have distinctive functions. The accuracy of bends and how replicable they are will vary depending on the specific functions of each machine.
The use of hydraulics gives the user more control over the machine and therefore improves the ability to guide it to work the metal exactly as desired.

At Asset Plant we offer only the highest performing hydraulic pan brakes with heavy duty designs. Produced by market leading Steelmaster machinery whose products are of the highest quality, accuracy, sustainability and consistency.

How to get the most out of your Hydraulic Pan Brake

At Asset Plant we have a range of different hydraulic pan brake folders; which one is best for you will depend on the type of work you will be needing it to perform. For the most accurate and consistent results, consider a magnetic pan brake. Whether you will need a single axis or two axis model is also an important factor.

Each model has different specs that will determine the bending angle, potential depth of the box as well as folding length so you will need to consider these closely.
The overall size of the machine as well as finger widths will also drive the flexibility you have with the machine.

Things to consider when purchasing a Hydraulic Pan Brake Folder

If you’re looking to purchase a new hydraulic pan brake folder, to determine which machine is best for you there are some key factors to consider before going ahead.

  • What level of output will you be requiring from the machine (i.e; how often is it going to be used)? The size and attachments required will be dictated by whether this is a machine you will be relying on day in, day out or using sparingly.
  • What sized boxes will be required? Be sure to check what the machine is capable of, if it doesn’t match with the tasks you’ll be performing, you may need to look at other machines.
  • How much workshop floor space do you have to work with? This may have a significant impact on which machine you will be able to purchase

Buy hydraulic pan brakes for Sale in Australia

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we’ve got three decades’ of experience in providing our clients across Australia with the highest quality tools and machinery. We have worked with a diverse range of industries including mining, construction, energy, transportation, forestry and much more to deliver tailored solutions with the best customer service around. Our trained service technicians are friendly and efficient and are always on hand to provide advice and support at every stage. We can help you select the right machine, tools or parts, provide setup and training, and offer ongoing maintenance and repair services

Browse our extensive product range, including:

Talk to Asset Plant & Machinery about your new hydraulic pan brake machine. Visit us in Dandenong, Victoria or contact us now.