At Asset Plant & Machinery, we stock a wide selection of manual guillotine shears, including hand guillotine shears. Our high quality manual metal guillotines are produced by Steelmaster Industries, the market leader in metal cutting machinery. 

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What is a Manual Guillotine Shear?

A manual guillotine is used to cut a range of material from thick paper and cardboard to plastics and sheet metals. As the name implies, a manual guillotine is not powered by batteries or electricity – rather, it relies on human force to maneuver the guillotine’s blades to cut through the material.


How Do I Use a Hand Guillotine Shear?

A hand guillotine shear is used for small, quick cuts, where precision is not the main concern. To use a hand guillotine shear, it must be secured to a bench or purpose-designed stand. Before operating the manual guillotine, it’s important to check that all guards and safety devices are intact, and that the shearing edges are in good condition and correctly adjusted. Hold the material securely to prevent it from sliding while cutting, and ensure that fingers and limbs are clear of the machine before operation.


Things to Consider When Buying A Manually Controlled Guillotine

  • What type of material are you cutting? Hand guillotine shears are suitable for lightweight materials such as thick cardboard, plastic and thin sheet metals. They should not be used for thick metals that exceed 13mm.
  • How often will you be using your guillotine? Manual guillotine machines are suitable for small scale projects and occasional use. They are generally unable to cut through multiple sheets of thick materials, and operate at a much slower rate compared to electronic guillotines.
  • What is your budget? Of all the cutting machine options available, hand guillotine shears are some of the cheapest on the market due to their capabilities.

For larger projects that use heavyweight materials, an Electro Hydraulic Guillotine may suit your needs. Talk to our expert team if you’re unsure which cutting machine is right for you.


Choose Asset Plant & Machinery for Your Manual Guillotine and More

With over three decades of experience in providing high quality tools and machinery to the metalworking industry, Asset Plant & Machinery have the proven expertise to meet the needs of our extensive client base. We work with clients in a range of industries including construction, mining, transportation, energy, forestry and more. Our trained service technicians are always available to give you a hand, from suggesting the right machines to suit your needs, getting your new machine set up, and providing ongoing assistance and support with maintenance and repairs. Based in Dandenong, Victoria, we’re locals just like you, and we believe in providing tailored solutions for our clients across Australia.

Our products include:

If you’re looking for the best hand guillotine shears in Australia, talk to Asset Plant & Machinery today. Get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can help you.

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