STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL offers a wide selection of Industrial Quality Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery second to none. STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery provides excellent accuracy, reliability & excellent value for money. Asset Plant & Machinery have a diverse range of Guillotines that includes Hand Shears, Manual Treadle Guillotines, Electro, Hydraulic Swing Beam and Variable Rake Guillotines. We have an excellent selection of high-quality Hydraulic Swing Beam. Read More

Australia’s Preeminent Suppliers of Hydraulic Guillotine Solutions

The quality of the products and solutions that your company generates will determine how successful it will be. Customers expect perfection more than ever today, given the advances in technology that have brought so many conveniences to their lives and have improved the practices and processes of service providers around the world. As such, when the time comes to invest in a hydraulic guillotine that can achieve the standards that you want your business to reach, it is important to have access to products crafted by the leading manufacturers at the best prices.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we have developed long-lasting relationships both with our customers and the biggest manufacturing names in the metalworking business since we opened our doors in 1996. Our dedication to supplying the very best, cutting-edge products to those that require them is second to none. What’s more, we have earned a reputation as a stockist that prices in a manner that is considered fair, and enables you to achieve more with your money.

Based in Dandenong, Victoria, we have a huge amount of stock on-hand that we can ship anywhere in Australia with little delay. Whether you are looking for a hydraulic guillotine for sale or if you are interested in securing a wide-ranging cross-section of products to kit out your business, rest assured that we have everything you need.

What To Do When You Need More Than Just the Best Machinery

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we recognised back in the nineties that there was a gap in the market for a supplier that could do more for their customers. Since we started out, we have worked tirelessly to develop the range of skills and disciplines that our trained experts can deliver, so that the value proposition we offer is that much better than our competitors.

Any business owner who has machinery working on their premises will appreciate that from time to time parts are required and repairs are necessary. We cater to those who require machine tool accessories and spare parts for all types of metalworking industrial machinery. If something has broken down or is malfunctioning then your first port of call should be to check in with us to see what can be done, before you jump to look for a new guillotine for sale.

Our customers remain loyal to us because they appreciate our dedication to customer support and after-sales service. If something small is causing the issue then the chances are that we can resolve the problem with you by walking you through things step by step until you are up and running again. However, given that we offer complete service facilities at locations, we can complete repairs and minimise the disruption to your business.

It happens to many businesses every year, but from time to time regulations or legal issues will crop up that suddenly relegate your existing machines to an out-dated classification. If you have a good, working machine we hope that you will contact us first, since we have successfully upgraded previous generation machinery so that it can keep up to the expectations of the industry you operate in.

Our products include:

At Asset Plant & Machinery, whether you are looking for a hydraulic swing beam guillotine, a variable rake guillotine, manual treadle, electro or hand shears, we have what you need in stock and at prices that will please. Give us a call today to discuss what you need and let’s work together to achieve the best possible outcome.

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