Pneumatic Guillotine

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we have a selection of Pneumatic Guillotines for sale from industry-leading brand Steelmaster Industrial. Browse our full range of Pneumatic Metal Guillotines below.

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What is a Pneumatic Guillotine Shear?

A Pneumatic Guillotine Shear is a type of machine that makes accurate, precise cuts at a high speed. Pneumatic Guillotines are designed to cut a range of sheet metals and other materials to specific lengths. The machines are adjustable depending on the type, size and thickness of material that is being cut. Unlike Manual Treadle Guillotines which operate without batteries or external power, Pneumatic Guillotine cutters can be hooked up to a 240v air compressor.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pneumatic Guillotine

With so many types of cutting machines on the market, it can be hard to determine if a Pneumatic Guillotine cutter is right for your needs. Consider the following when shopping for your new Pneumatic Guillotine:

  • How thick you want the material cut. Pneumatic Guillotines are suitable for cutting mild steel up to 1.6mm with precision. This makes a Pneumatic Guillotine suitable for a variety of metalworking projects.
  • What type of material you’ll be cutting. A Pneumatic Guillotine uses an air supply to quickly and accurately cut mild steel. It may not be suitable for heavier materials, such as aluminum or bronze.
  • The length of your metal sheet. Depending on the size of your machine, Pneumatic Guillotines can generally cut metal sheets up to around 1200mm in length. For larger sheet sizes, you may want to consider an Electro Hydraulic Guillotine.
  • Your budget. Pneumatic Guillotines sit around the low to moderate end of the scale when it comes to buying a cutting machine. For smaller-scale projects and thinner materials, we also have a range of Hand Guillotines available for sale.

Advantages of Using a Pneumatic Metal Guillotine

The type of guillotine you use depends on the purpose of your project. Pneumatic Guillotines are useful in that they:

  • Provide resistance against warping of materials;
  • Provide high precision when cutting;
  • Adapt to the size and weight of your sheets, giving you quality cuts every time;
  • Adjust to suit a range of small or large projects;
  • Offer adjustable gibs for resetting and aligning the machine throughout its lifespan.

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