Looking for a variable rake guillotine that you can trust? Look no further than Asset Plant. With an extensive range of guillotines, Asset Plant can help you find the machine that’s perfect for you and your business to keep efficiency at a consistent high.

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What is a variable rake guillotine?

Guillotines are used in sheet metal work to accurately and smoothly cut metal. There are a number of different brands and types to make it easier to find one that’s suitable to your specific requirements. It’s easy enough to find yourself in the position where you have a guillotine but it’s not working optimally for what you’re requiring from it. A variable rake guillotine might be the answer to your problems.

A variable rake guillotine allows for more control over the range of thicknesses and cut-styles being cut in the metal – as the name suggests, this can be done by adjusting the rake on the top beam. The combination of hydraulic shears, rollers and variable rake angle allows for a more controlled guide, avoiding twisting and deformation of the metal.

If efficiency is where you’re falling short than a pneumatic guillotine may be more your speed or if you’re needing more power and automation is what you’re after, consider an electro-shear.

How to get the most out of your variable rake guillotine

It would be very difficult for any high functioning sheet metal fabrication workshop to operate without a reliable guillotine. The range of Steelmaster guillotine’s available at Asset Plant are designed to the highest standard and heavy duty quality. Each variable rake guillotine has different features and capacity so by taking your time to explore what’s available you’re sure to find the perfect machine for your workshop.

Things to consider when purchasing a variable rake guillotine

If you’re looking to purchase a variable rake guillotine, there are some key factors to consider before going ahead:

  • What are the main key functions you are looking for in a guillotine? If the ability to accurately and efficiently cut metal to different lengths and styles is at the top of your list then a variable rake guillotine is likely the ideal choice for you.
  • What size cutting is required?  Be sure to check what each guillotine is capable of as you may find the angle blade settings and range are not sufficient.

Buy a variable rake guillotine for Sale in Australia

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