Asset Plant & Machinery stock a wide selection of high-quality jenny and swages. From table mounted solutions through to free standing motorised solutions for cranking out masses of work at pace. With such a range, all backed by the quality manufacturing of SteelMaster Industrial, Asset Plant & Machinery is the clear choice of supplier for your next bit of sheet metal working machinery. Read More

Swage and Jenny Solutions To Suit Your Needs

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we are one of Australia’s largest stockists and suppliers of machinery. We believe in quality backed up by exceptional service and since 1996 our team has gone from strength-to-strength, servicing the metalworking industry and consistently meeting the ever-changing demands of our large customer base however we can.

Whether you’re working to produce top quality HVAC solutions, or you’re a panel beater in need of a reliable rotary forming jenny and swage machine, you can’t go past the selection we have on offer here at Asset Plant & Machinery. But it doesn’t stop there! Working with us, you’ll have access to all sorts of tube and pipe benders, lockseamers, plate bevellers and more. Just about any kind of sheet metal working equipment you can think of.

Work with Asset Plant & Machinery

With more than two decades of insight into the diverse areas within the metalworking industry, we have put the groundwork in to become Australia’s most trusted supplier of metal working machinery. Rest assured that no matter what you need, a call to our team is the best way to source high-quality goods. Whether you’re starting out or moving up, our business is ready to support yours.

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