Getting value for money is standard behaviour for any consumer in any market. However, in the metalworking industry, value for money means something different than in a lot of other industries.

Searching for a Used Pittsburgh Machine for Sale?

Ask anyone that is looking for a Pittsburgh machine for sale what the most important features of that machine must be so that they will part with their hard-earned cash, and they will undoubtedly speak about the quality of finish achieved. You can spend less in this industry and get a machine that is fit for purpose, but value is perceived where you believe that what you’ve secured has the potential to deliver value for others as well. That is, your customers. Read More

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we have been working for and with the metalworking industry for over twenty years. Through the supply of quality workshop machinery that is built by the best manufacturers on the planet, backed up by a team of exceptional technical experts who deliver superb service, repair and maintenance, we afford our customers a value proposition that is unlike any other.

Whether you are searching for a used Pittsburgh machine for sale or if you want to look through our extensive range of brand new machines, rest assured that we have solutions to meet your every need ready to ship. We source equipment, tools, accessories and machines for customers who cannot find what they want on first look.

Could an Equipment Upgrade Address Your Immediate Needs?

Any customer that comes to us looking for a used Pittsburgh machine is very welcome to consider the selection that is available from our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria. However, we often learn on speaking with the customer that their desire to acquire stems from an immediate and urgent need to replace a broken-down machine, or one that is simply falling behind the times.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we are a customer-centric business, so we put your needs first. As such, we like to point out where appropriate that the solution to your problem may be addressed by upgrading your current equipment.

We have worked with countless businesses of all sizes over the years and so we can bolster past generation machines and equipment so that they deliver the standards achieved by more modern machines. This is achieved through intelligent hardware upgrades.

Granted, in some instances the machine is broken down and little can be done. But, in many more cases, our technicians discover where the problems lie and can implement a maintenance program that will ensure that your current sheet metal Pittsburgh machine continues to deliver to your expectations for some time to come.

Sudden machine failure is a nightmare that loses time and money for the business, but with our team delivering keeping tabs on everything, your chances of experiencing such hold-ups will fall significantly.

Manufacturer Warranties Ensure You Get a Quality Machine

At Asset Plant & Machinery, manufacturers’ warranties come with each of the machines we sell. This affords our customers a level of confidence and peace of mind when they agree to purchase any item that we stock. Our exceptional after-sales service is the icing on the cake and assures you that there is a competent and knowledgeable technical team ready to assist when you require their help.

So, if you want to find the best Pittsburgh machine solutions for sale in Australia today, look no further. Drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your options today.

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