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Looking for a Pittsburgh lockformer machine for your business? Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we are proud to stock one of the widest selections of lockformer machines for sale in the country, complete with convenient delivery options and highly competitive prices. Whatever you need, we have the team, the selection, and the expertise required to help you get the job done. Read More

What is a Sheet Metal Lockformer?

A lockformer machine is designed to aid in the joining of plates in sheet metal work. It is one of the most important pieces of machinery in the duct forming process, making it a key component for any large manufacturing or metalworking operation. Companies from across Australia regularly turn to the team at Asset Plant & Machinery for the best quality machinery and the most reliable servicing and maintenance options.

The very first lockforming machine was made back in 1937, and since then the equipment has developed and changed the way the entire sheet metal industry works. It makes working with sheet metal easier and cheaper, and Pittsburgh lockformers are still one of the most popular machines in this space.

A Wide Range of Accessories

Asset Plant and Machinery not only provides lockformer snap lock machines for sale, but we also provide accessories and tools that can be used alongside the machine. Be sure to check out our huge selection on our website, if you’re looking for accessories like flangers, snaplockers, cheekbenders, bandsaws, cleatbenders, notchers, and cleatformers.

Simply search for a lockformer in the search bar on our website or head to the sheetmetal fabrication category in the menu page, and you’ll be presented with a series of products. We’ve made it easy for you to find the right product for you by displaying important information about each product in the search page, and then adding additional information within the dedicated product pages.

As well as finding lockformer Pittsburgh machines for sale, you’ll find a series of products and machines for tube and pipe bending, HVAC/ducting, engineering, metalworking, and more. There are even workshop tools designed for those looking to set up a smaller operation in their home or small commercial workspace.

Other services include:

Need Advice?

Looking for more information about lockformers, and need some advice from someone more knowledgeable? Thankfully, the team at Asset Plant & Machinery are highly knowledgeable about the products we offer. Whether you need help understanding the specifications of the equipment we have listed online, or you have some questions to ask about the suitability of a device, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re also happy to walk you through the options we have available on our site, and even attempt to source specialist equipment if we don’t currently stock what you need. We go all out to ensure our customers are happy, ensuring that you always have access to the tools and machines you need at a competitive price.

For more information and support, click the “contact us” button on the website to be connected with an agent over the phone. Alternatively, you can reach the team via email by clicking the “email” button at the top of the page.

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