Press Brake Solutions Ready to Ship from Australia

If you operate in the metalworking industry and have not updated your machinery in some time then even if your last changes were made a decade ago, or even less, the advances that have been made in the intervening time just might surprise you. The Steelmaster eBend press brake is a good example of just how far things have come and we are proud to include it among our range of products currently available. Read More

This Hydrabend press brake incorporates the very best of technology with the high-end quality typically associated with this brand. This piece of equipment is jam-packed full of incredible features that make it the ultimate choice for operators across the world.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we have been the number one choice for those in the industry for the past three decades and counting. We continually seek to update our product lines and afford our customers the very latest technological advancements as well as machines that are designed to enhance their efficiency standards as well as productivity levels.

We ship throughout Australia and New Zealand from our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria, and we even cater to international customers. Our long-standing relationships with the biggest names in the heavy and manufacturing industries have afforded us significant advantages, which we strive to pass along to you. As such, you won’t find better prices, better after-sales service or better-trained experts than those we count among our team.

The Importance of Expert Plant & Machinery Technicians

When you invest in a Hydrabend press brake this considered decision is on that is not taken lightly. Given the quality of the output and the level of ease with which the current models achieve for its users, you are justified in expecting that it will consistently deliver on its promise for years to come.

As with all things, no machine was made to last forever, and so if any issues arise, you must have the support of a team that can competently assist as and when required to.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe that it is important to secure expert plant and machinery technicians whenever anything goes wrong with any of your machines. There may be something small wrong with the machine that is easily resolvable, however, as more technology is introduced to the machinery, expertise is what is required to ensure that no unintended damage is caused during the repair efforts.

Our trained service technicians are here to walk you through minor repairs via telephone, should they arise, but given that we offer complete service facilities at locations, it makes sense to avail of this to ensure that everything is looked after most appropriately.

We help many of our customers to avoid unnecessary or avoidable breakdowns every year by implementing a preventative maintenance schedule. This delivers a sense of security and confidence in the integrity of your machines from one year to the next.

Our products include:

  • And much more…

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, while the cost of acquiring a Hydrabend press brake can be considerable, we have financing options accessible to our customers that will make it much easier to secure the machinery that you need now, instead of having to wait.

What’s more, given that we charge industry direct prices, you are assured the best possible price available in Australia, and best of all, from a team that are here to back you up whenever you need support or assistance down the road.

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