STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL offers a wide selection of Industrial Quality Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery second to none. Pressbrakes, Guillotines, Panbrake Folders, Punch and Shears, Tube & Pipe Benders, Plate Curving Rollers, CNC Plasma-Cutters, Fibre Laser-Cutters just to mention a few. Both conventional and CNC-controlled machines are available.

STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery provide excellent accuracy, reliability & excellent value for money. We have an excellent selection of high-quality Punch and Shear machines in both hand operated and hydraulic. We can tailor for the handyman right up to the high output manufacturer. Read More

Australia’s Number One Punch and Shear Machine Suppliers

Having a choice is an important part of making any purchase for your business. Regardless of whether you operate a relatively small metalworking business or if you are at the other end of the scale in terms of scope, when you seek out a punch and shear for sale being limited to a single option is unhelpful since it does little in terms of how you operate and what you might have in mind for the future. Fortunately, for businesses that are based in Australia and New Zealand, there is a stockist and supplier that caters to a variety of needs and can be trusted to deliver what you need on time every time.

That’s the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery. We pride ourselves on delivering a never-bettered range of equipment and machinery for the metalworking industry from the best brands in the business. We are among the largest operators of this kind in the country and we complement our exceptional range of punch and shears for sale with the very best of accessories and spare parts, so that no matter what you require, we can deliver.

The nature of the industry continues to change as new exciting technological developments afford us greater conveniences. However, while it is important to have access to the best current tech that is available, we believe that as punch and shear machine suppliers we should also have the capacity and capability to assist our customers with regards to repairs, servicing and preventative maintenance. 

Unsure About the Machine You’re About to Buy?

If you are currently exploring punch and shear machine options that are for sale, no matter where you are in Australia, taking the time to consider the range of products that we offer, as well as the value proposition that is on offer, is always worthwhile.

Perhaps you are in the market as a result of your existing punch and shear machine failing to live up to the standards that you expect and promote. Or maybe you feel that it is time to upgrade because you don’t think that your current model is capable of meeting the requirements of the industry today. That’s where the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery really show their value.

Our ability to repair and service is well-renowned throughout Australia and New Zealand. We love the challenge of upgrading supposedly outdated machinery so that it can still deliver the standards required by modern manufacturing. What’s more, if you are undecided about buying a new punch & shear then now is the perfect time to tap into our survey service.

We can perform a detailed survey of your entire plant and factory floor to identify where shortfalls exist and draw up an in-depth maintenance schedule that will address all issues. A metal punching and shearing machine demands a level of skill, knowledge and technical expertise to properly calibrate and you can expect nothing less from us.

Even if you are looking for a used punch and shear machine, it is always worthwhile getting in touch with us, given the comprehensive range of stock that we carry and our ability to source whatever our customers need, even if we don’t already have it ready to ship from the warehouse.

Our products include:

At Asset Plant & Machinery, our goal is to deliver an exceptional standard of service through the very best of equipment, machines and professional expertise. So, if you need a punch and shears or any other metalworking equipment, give us a call and we will work hard to deliver an exceptional value proposition that will exceed your expectations.

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