STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL offers a wide selection of Industrial Quality Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery second to none. STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery provide excellent accuracy, reliability & excellent value for money. We have an excellent selection of high-quality Punch and Shear machines in both hand operated and hydraulic, one of these is the Hydraulic – Single Cylinder. We can tailor for the handyman right up to the high output manufacturer. Read More

High-Quality Hydraulic Punching and Shearing Machine

Craftspersons that have a long history of working with metal possess an enviable repository of knowledge with regards to how best to manipulate the materials that they have before them to craft goods and products with exceptional craft on display. However, in the modern world, particularly for those that work in businesses that commit to significant production quantities, there is a greater degree of pressure applied to ensure that quality and quantity are optimised. 

High-quality hydraulic punching and shearing machine solutions make life much easier for today’s metalworker and if you are in the process of transitioning from your smaller scale business to something larger, then you need to access this superior piece of equipment from Steelmaster Industrial from Australia’s leading stockist.

That’s us here at Asset Plant & Machinery. Since 1996, we have dedicated our workforce to acquiring and supplying the very best of equipment and machinery that is required across the entire metalworking industry. We strive to provide a value proposition that is unbeatable within the market, offering our customers industry direct prices on their first orders.

We are based in Victoria and our warehouse is fully stocked with everything that we believe the modern factory floor or metal works requires. We complement our range of machines and equipment with the very best of accessories and spare parts, and we can ship what you need when you need it and keep your downtime to a minimum.

More Than Just Excellent Value for Money

Naturally, if you are in the market for a hydraulic punch and shear machine, acquiring one at industry direct prices will make a very real difference in terms of your budget and spending for the year. Securing it from the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery ensures that you are getting a product that is backed by manufacturers warranties but you also stand to benefit from much more.

We appreciate that in some cases finding the right spare part for a machine that is malfunctioning or that has stopped working can be a challenge, particularly where older generation machines are concerned. We endeavour to eliminate this reality as much as possible when we supply machines and equipment to you, simply by bolstering our range of stock with everything that you might require further down the road when wear and tear inevitably kick in.

However, instead of dwelling on what might happen and worrying about the effectiveness of your machines, our business exists to also provide our customers with exceptional after-sales support. We believe that when you buy from a stockist you should be able to gain their assistance and benefit from their knowledge of the products that they supply. As such, our skilled, educated technicians are trained across a variety of disciplines and can provide service and repairs when necessary.

Troubleshooting issues is a breeze over the phone when something relatively minor has gone wrong, but we are also on hand to deliver preventative maintenance. This alone can lengthen the service that you can expect from your machines and equipment. What’s more, it might spare you having to look for a hydraulic shear for sale in the future, since we are highly adept at upgrading old models to remain in compliance with modern standards.

Our products include:

So, if you are in the process of taking your business to the next level and want the best of products backed by service and a huge range of parts, then look no further than the team that has your best interests at heart. That’s right here at Asset Plant & Machinery.

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