Section rolling is an essential process in a variety of sheet metal fabrication businesses. Because it’s a common capability though, we’ve found that our customers tend to think that every approach is the same. That just isn’t accurate, and Asset Plant & Machinery are here to help you see what can be made possible with a better standard of metalworking equipment.

Since 1996, we have set ourselves apart as the preeminent supplier of the very best of SteelMaster products. Over the past twenty-three years and counting, we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with this manufacturer and so our customers stand to benefit. We not only have a comprehensive range of existing stock at our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria available at trade direct prices – but can also source rolling machine options that we may not have in stock, should you require something more specific.

Follow the links below to learn more about our section and pipe rolling machines, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or queries.

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Equip Your Metalworking Business with a SteelMaster Section Rolling Machine

Setting standards and creating componentry that puts your business ahead of the pack means working with machinery that can keep up. At Asset Plant & Machinery, we’ve built a strong relationship with SteelMaster Industrial – making their equipment available to customers all over Australia. Along with section rolling machines, we supply all of your standard metalworking equipment. Including press brakes, guillotines, pan brake folders, punch and shear machines, decoilers and more. We also stock a complete range of higher-tech solutions including machines such as CNC plasma cutters.

Manual and Motorised Rolling Machines for Sale

For manual and powered section rolling solutions, look to the suppliers here at Asset Plant & Machinery. Our customer-centric approach to the supply of the very best SteelMaster products on the market affords you exceptional value for money along with the backing of a technical team that delivers unrivalled after-sales service support.

Get started by reaching out today. We can help you make informed and targeted decisions in developing the capabilities of your metalworking business – all you’ve got to do is call! You can reach out to us at 1800 503 934 or fire off an email to