STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery provide excellent accuracy, reliability & excellent value for money. Whether it is Steelmaster Hydraulic Panbrake Folder or a Manual Panbrake Folder machine you require for your application, Asset Plant & Machinery have the lot. Asset Plant and Machinery distributes high-quality Sheet and Plate Curving Rolls. We offer the best quality Sheetmetal/Plate Curving Rollers, specifically Section & Pipe Rolling Machine. We can tailor the correct machine to your application and would be happy to discuss with you. Read More

We Have Manual and Motorised Rolling Machines for Sale

Durability is an inherent trait of the very best machines available to the metalworking industry. In its absence, breakdowns, delays to processes and a nearly endless stream of repairs are the outcome, which will inevitably lead to loss of profits and a dwindling market share. If you are in the market for a rolling machine for sale then it is imperative that you limit the focus of your attention to suppliers of note, that stock the very best brands available in Australia and New Zealand today.

Sometimes it makes absolute sense to opt for a second-hand model, whereas on other occasions the cash is readily accessible to acquire a brand new machine. Regardless of what your priorities are today, rest assured that you will find a solution that is built around your needs here at Asset Plant & Machinery.

Since 1996, we have set ourselves apart as the preeminent supplier of the very best of Steelmaster products. Over the past twenty-three years and counting, we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with this manufacturer and so our customers stand to benefit. We not only have a comprehensive range of stock at our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria but can also source rolling machine options that we may not have in stock, should you require something more specific.

One thing is certain, every product that we stock comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and will deliver the kind of quality and reliability that you expect and need to consistently meet the needs of your customers and business partners.

Our Machinery Customisation Tailors the Machine You Need to Your Requirements

There are plenty of customers that approach us every year looking for machines that we have in stock, but when they take a closer look, recognise that something is missing, or is required in addition to it, to achieve the end results that they want.

As such, the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery can facilitate the requirements of customers that need something a little more tailored. We provide a machinery customisation service that sets us apart and affords you the wriggle room that may be required to ensure that the sheet metal rolling machine that you acquire is ideal for your factory floor.

Our ability to achieve this stems from our decades of combined experience in the metalworking industry and an appreciation for the diverse needs of the varied disciplines that combine to create products and deliver such wide-ranging services to the public. We have worked extensively on machines, whether it is in the servicing or repair side of things, or the maintenance and upgrading of past generation equipment that is still required to compete with a more technologically advanced world.

Therefore, if you have your eye on a tube rolling machine and need to determine if some changes or adjustments can be made before you commit to acquiring it, then you’ve come to the right place to achieve this.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, our customer-centric approach to the supply of the very best Steelmaster products on the market affords you exceptional value for money and the backing of a technical team that delivers unrivalled after-sales service support.

To complete your factory floor with a roller-rolling machine that is delivered to your specifications, there truly is only one place to turn and one team to trust, and that’s right here at Asset Plant & Machinery.

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