STEELMASTER INDUSTRIAL Sheetmetal Fabrication Machinery provide excellent accuracy, reliability & excellent value for money. Whether it is Steelmaster Hydraulic Panbrake Folder or a Manual Panbrake Folder machine you require for your application, Asset Plant & Machinery have the lot. Asset Plant and Machinery distributes high-quality Sheet and Plate Curving Rolls. We have an excellent selection of high-quality Manual, Electric, Motorised, Section and Corrugated Curving Rolls. We got the best Sheetmetal Curving Rolls – Manual Pinchwith floor mounted manual slip rolls – that suits your needs! Read More

Acquire Your Manual Sheet Roller from Australia’s Leading Supplier

Whether you are starting or investing to build your business, one thing is certain; you must have confidence in the supplier that you buy your equipment from. We all know that in the metalworking industry any lost time due to malfunctioning equipment or poorly calibrated equipment is money down the drain. While there may be a wealth of second-hand manual sheet roller options readily accessible online, it is always worth investing a machine that comes free of any history and that you are certain can do the job you buy it to do.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we have been the go-to choice for quality workshop machinery in the metalworking industry since 1996. We have a huge range of stock at our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria, and if you search our site and cannot find what you are looking for, rest assured that a quick phone call to our experts will be all that stands between us sourcing it for you.

As a supplier, you can trust that we afford our customers the very best products on the market. We have long-lasting relationships with the biggest names in the manufacturing and heavy industry and we strive to ensure that we deliver on their expectations time and time again.

Sales Backed by Professionalism of the Highest Standard

Acquiring your manual sheet roller is easy when you choose the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery. We do our utmost to make the process as simple and straightforward as we can. Regardless of whether you are based on our doorstep or further afield, or if you are an international customer, we will work with you to ensure that you know exactly when you can expect delivery of your machine.

The reason that so many of our customers are loyal to us is that we don’t just sell, we do a lot of support services very well, too. Take for example our preventative maintenance service, which affords customers the chance to have a schedule in place that will help them to protect the integrity of their assets and ensure that they remain at their optimum performance for longer.

Our products include:

We provide high-quality servicing, which includes onsite machine breakdowns and repairs. What’s more, countless customers have called us when old machinery is giving trouble, because they know that our experts are willing to talk through the issue over the phone and this often results in a positive outcome and the problem resolved.

Naturally, we appreciate that the cost of acquiring machinery for the metalworking industry doesn’t come cheap, but we endeavour to enable our customers to secure what they need at industry direct prices. Backed by our after-sales support and with the availability of finance plans, we are the ideal choice of supplier for any business that seeks to achieve more for the money.

So, if you need a manual sheet roller, browse the site, or give us a call here at Asset Plant & Machinery, and let’s see how good a value proposition we can provide for you today.

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