Metal Slitter Machine for Sale in Victoria

The metalworking industry is somewhat unique in the sense that a great deal of power, specialised machinery and equipment and superior craftsmanship are required to create the tools that some of the most well-known companies in the world rely on to turn out their superior products. Read More

Technology and advances in engineering have made so much more possible and transformed the way that those engaged in this industry work. However, the price of specialised machines such as a slitter folder machine could ever be considered cheap, but the truth is that given the value of their output the investment always results in an excellent return.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are the trusted stockists and suppliers of Steelmaster equipment and machines for countless companies throughout Australia, and further afield. Based in Dandenong, Victoria, our three decades plus in the industry gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors and affords those that we are proud to count among our clients much more than a place to acquire the goods that they need.

While specialist stockists are available, few can offer the kind of value that our team can. When it comes to Business-to-Business Industrial metalworking machinery, we deliver at industry direct prices, which can mean thousands of dollars in savings for your business. 

We ship throughout Australia and New Zealand, and international shipping is also available, complete with a guarantee accurate date of delivery. We understand that your needs are often time-sensitive, which is why we endeavour to achieve more and exceed expectations at every opportunity.

Choosing a Trustworthy Supplier is Essential for These Reasons

If you have identified an existing need on your factory floor and are searching for a metal slitter machine for sale then the chances are that you will find a handful of options that may or may not appeal to you. The key question that is worth asking before you proceed any further is, are you comfortable acquiring such a major asset from anyone other than a trustworthy supplier with a sterling track record?

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we expect that before you part company with so much money, or commit to a repayment plan that will likely draw on your financial resources for a few years, you will seek many assurances. One of the main reasons that we are chosen time and time again by businesses throughout the country is because of our longevity and our commitment to excellent after-sales service.

It goes without saying that a major investment demands a level of professional sales and service that is a cut above the rest. Our team has a wealth of knowledge with regards to each item that we stock and we can confidently speak through every aspect of the machine you need before you commit to it. 

Any uncertainties that you might have are what we are here to address, and possibly help you identify an alternative, where applicable, that may do the job you require without necessitating the same level of investment.

Our products include:

At Asset Plant & Machinery, all of our equipment and machines come with manufacturer warranties, which afford you confidence in their excellence and add a level of peace of mind to your investment. Rest assured that we can also offer you fantastic financing plans so that the cost of your acquisition can be spread over time. 

So, to discuss sheet metal slitter options or to troubleshoot issues that you are experiencing with your current assets, get in touch with our team today.

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