All the Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools You Could Ever Need

Asset Plant & Machinery has offered a huge array of industrial tools, machinery, and accessories for businesses all over Australia since 1996. We are one of the biggest providers of sheet metal fabrication tools at competitive prices, and our product range is constantly expanding. Our goal is to ensure every business in Australia has access to the materials they need to succeed, so be sure to check out our website and see what fantastic offers we have available. Read More

We also have a great team of experts available whenever you need them, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have. We’re always happy to walk you through the products we offer and help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Trust our Asset Plant & Machinery team, and you’ll be sure to find the machine tool accessories you need!

New and Used Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools Galore

Looking for punch and shear equipment? CNC Plasma? Panbrake folders or lockseamers? Head over to the sheet metal fabrication section of our site and you’ll find a massive range of devices that are ideal for every industrial operation that uses or manufactures sheet metal.

Within each category on our site you’ll find a massive selection of devices as well as supporting accessories, allowing you to create a product package that suits your needs and budget.

We also help you find both new and used products, allowing you to make the right investment for your business at the right time. You can rest assured that every product, whether new or used, will be comprehensively covered with appropriate warranties and guarantees.

If you need any assistance choosing from our large selection, you can opt to speak to one of our expert team members who understand our selection inside-out. All your questions will be answered and we’ll even be happy to help you decide which piece of machinery would be best for your needs.

Browse Our Comprehensive Catalogue of Metalworking Tools

At Asset Plant & Machinery, our two decades supplying the manufacturing and heavy industry has given us a lot of insights into the vast and diverse needs of our customers. As such, we continually seek to improve the product offerings that are readily accessible and to ensure that we always have a quality range of metalworking tools that can be shipped when you need them.

Whether you are just starting a business and need to stock it completely, or if you have been in the industry for a while and recognise the need to replenish the tools that your workers have at their disposal, rest assured that our highly experienced, knowledgeable team is on-hand to assist in any way they can.

We appreciate that each business that we work with has its own specific needs. While we continually seek to ensure that we have everything that you will need, from time to time a customer requests something that we haven’t acquired as yet. In such instances, you can depend on us to source it for you. Rather than look elsewhere, it makes sense to take advantage of our fantastic prices and after-sales support that is second to none.

The tools and spare parts that we have at our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria is a major factor in the quality of the maintenance, repair and service that we carry out for our customers. We appreciate that at any time you may require a key component of one of your machines, and if you bought it from us you can expect that we will have exactly what you need and possess the skills to make the change to get you fully operational again.

Our Lease Plans Make Buying Possible Today

Metal working tools always come with a fairly hefty price tag. This is justified, of course, given their fabrication and the longevity that can be expected in terms of their use. However, if you suddenly find that one of your core tools is no longer effective then the financial burden of acquiring a replacement may stretch your budget.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we provide fantastic financing plans to our customers when they choose to use them. Even if the cost of replacement or acquisition isn’t really that much of a burden and will pay for itself relatively quickly, smart financial planners will recognise the potential of utilising lease plans so that they can do more with their money.

A short-term lease may be enough to get you over that initial period where the focus is on catching up on lost productivity, whereas a long-term lease may afford you the chance to strike the balance you need that will carry you until you reach your next phase of growth.

Buying when you need to buy is what is important and when you choose to acquire your products, machines or tools from us, you can bet that we will afford you every convenience to pay in a manner that suits you where applicable.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, the metalworking tools that we stock can be browsed with ease here on our site. Simply select the relevant section and you will quickly see the value proposition that we offer. If there is something you hope to secure but don’t see here, feel free to use the chat feature or give us a call and we will get to work sourcing it for you.

Contact Our Team of Experts to Learn More!

Asset Plant & Machinery not only offers a great range of products at low prices – we also have a team of experts at hand to help you choose the right products for you. At any time, you can reach us through our simple contact form and ask any questions you might have. Simply let us know your name and contact details, and tell us more about your query, and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible with all the answers you need. We can even arrange a call back so we can speak at a time that suits you.

Alternatively, you can call us directly on 1800 511 508 today! Let us know what products you’re looking for, what kind of industry you work in, and how you think we can help. We’ll walk you through our vast product range, talk to you about our fabrication tools for sale, and make sure you make an informed purchasing decision every time.

We value our customers and consider a good service a key focus of our business – so never hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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