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Time is something that everyone wishes they had more of. This is especially true in businesses that depend on machines and equipment to create the products that they release into the world. Schedules govern the way that we approach our day and with targets to meet and expectations of customers and business partners high, any delay or problem that slows down our ability to reach these goals will inevitably lead to stress, conflict and potentially will cost quite a bit of money. Read More

At Asset Plant & Machinery, those who suddenly need bar bending machine choices or who recognise that their current assets are on the brink of grinding to a halt seek us out. We are one of Australia’s leading stockists and suppliers of Steelmaster Industrial products and accessories and from our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria, we endeavour to furnish your business with whatever machines or equipment it needs to return to its most productive.

Even if you are unsure as to what your options are today compared to when you first invested in machinery, rest assured that our technicians have a wealth of knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of each of the products that we have readily available. We can talk you through the issues that your current machines are experiencing and can even help to repair problems over the phone in some cases.

All Metalworking Tools and Machines Are Not Created Equal

If you are considering buying a bar bending machine online then we hope that you have done your homework. Your arrival at our site is a good sign that you have some sense of where to look for reliability, trustworthiness and products that will meet your expectations. However, while price tags can vary from one site to another, your choice in terms of where you buy could have a long-term effect on your business.

Naturally, when a budget is involved and there is a limit with regards to how much you can comfortably afford to spend, this often skews the search and acquisitions process toward options that look good on paper but could prove to be inferior knock-offs, or refurbished garbage that will quickly prove its value once it has been incorporated into your factory floor.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we strongly believe that the choice between a cheap option and one that comes from a reputable manufacturer and their approved stockists should never even enter into the mind of a buyer. Quality will always show over time and unless you want to whip out the credit card again long before you should have to, then choosing a well made, properly fabricated tool is essential.

While the cost of acquiring items that are key to delivering high-quality metal fabrication can often prove to be expensive, our team seek to create possibilities for our customers. As such, excellent financing plans can be secured, which allows you to get what you want today and pay for it over time.

Our products include:







  • And much more…

bar bending machine is something that must be built to withstand the pressure and sustain the wear and tear that it can be expected to face. As such, when you choose to buy from the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery, you gain our after-sales service and support in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s a smart acquisition that will buy you time on the factory floor and deliver quality results for years.

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