Asset Plant & Machinery stock a wide selection of high quality Tube and Pipe Benders. The range extends from the simple manual bar & flat plate variety to electric powered machines and hydraulic powered options. In the range, we offer models with Bending Dials, Digital Readouts, NC Programmable and also full Mandrel models. The Steelmaster Manual Bar Bender is suitable for bending of small widths of flat bar and also round solid rod. Read More

Looking for a Steelmaster Bar Bender for Sale in Australia?

Specialist equipment and machinery require specialist knowledge at the point of sale. Anyone that is looking for a Steelmaster Industrial bar bender for sale in Australia needs a certain degree of assurance before they buy so that they have confidence that the item they have chosen will meet the needs of their factory floor. 

Shopping online for such items is fine and it is possible to find plenty of specifications and details that provide a level of insight, but for those who wish to gain a more rounded appreciation of a machine or of equipment then having the ability to speak with a technically proficient expert is invaluable.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we are the specialists that those in the metalworking industry turn to every single year and whenever they need to acquire the very best of solutions. Our base in Dandenong, Victoria serves as the operational hub from which we ship exceptional pieces of machinery and equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand. What’s more, it also serves as a knowledge base that our customers have come to appreciate and rely upon whenever they are making considered investments.

Being a stockist and supplier is just one part of what we do. The real value beyond the secure and safe shipping of products that you can acquire at industry direct prices as first-time customers are that our technicians know what it’s like to work on and service each of the items that you find in our online store. As such, our level of insight and expertise is second to none and ensures that when you engage us, you are connected to a team that speaks industry language fluently.

How to Bolster the Effectiveness of Your Entire Factory Floor

As we all know too well, all factory floors operate at the peak of their capabilities when all assets that combine to deliver the end products or services effectively. If one of your machines is old or broken down or malfunctioning from time-to-time, then the chances are that your service levels are slipping and you are potentially losing money.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we have two decades of first-hand experience working on faulty or troublesome equipment. This affords us with a considerable level of insight into the workings of machines and so when we visit a factory floor that once achieved a greater level of productivity, we know exactly where to look for the problems.

A detailed survey carried out by our team is a simple, but highly effective way, to not only identify problems but implement solutions as well. If bar benders are an essential part of your operation, then addressing any issues that you might have, or kitting your business out with the very best new models that are on the market is something that we can capably handle.

It’s not just brand new machines that we have in stock. We also have a huge collection of spare parts and accessories. This makes sure that our customers can always access the things that they need when they need them, without having to scour the Internet for a second-hand part that could prove inferior.

Our products include:

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe in creating workplace efficiencies and supporting those that we work with through better pricing, exceptional after-sales service and a range of conveniences that our competitors simply cannot match. If you want to find a bar bender for sale in Australia, then there truly is only one place to turn for a better deal that will assure your peace of mind. We look forward to assisting you in any way that we can soon.

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