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One of the component types that most often need attention, rollers are used in a number of different machines on the line. It’s important to make sure rollers are properly installed and set because if they’re out even slightly, it can affect the quality of your production and also increase machine wear while decreasing safety.

Lockseam Rollers

Lockseaming is probably the most important step in the production process because it is at this point that the HVAC duct component becomes an airtight box or tube instead of simply being an unclosed sheet of metal. In a machine that uses rollers for lockseaming (there are other types that work in other ways), the rollers need to be in good condition and properly aligned.

While quality rollers should last a long time, even the very best ones with the best maintenance practices will still eventually wear out. Nothing lasts forever. When yours do need replacing, we are here to help.

Ribbing Rollers

Many types of sheet metal ribbing machines also use rollers. The rollers used in ribbing machines have a different shape to lockseam rollers. Where lockseam rollers can be bought individually as needed, ribbing rollers always come in pairs. This is necessary because the rib is created by the metal being squeezed between a ridge on the top roller and a groove on the bottom roller. These rollers must fit together perfectly, or the process will not work properly.

Crimping Rollers

These special rollers are used for edge crimping of sheet metal. They are similar in appearance to a wide bodied gear, being cylindrical with ridges and grooves around the surface.

Pocketing Wheels

Pocketing wheels are also used in the lockseaming machine and may occasionally need replacing.

Gears & Shafts

Keeping your machines running smoothly means regularly checking the gears and drive shafts for signs of wear, as well as proper service and maintenance.

When the gears on your machine are not in prime condition, you will notice that the performance is less than optimal, or the machine may simply stop working. Fortunately, it is easy to buy replacement gears from Asset Plant & Machinery.

Collar Maker Notching Blades & Notching Dies

Notching is one of the early steps in HVAC duct making. Keeping the blades sufficiently sharp will cut down the risk of damage, but over time you’ll eventually need to replace the blades. We have the part you need.

The die is like a template for the notch that will be cut. This part does not normally need replacement unless some damage has been sustained.

Former Guides

These keep the feed on track so that the metal is fed into the machine smoothly. You’ll normally only need to replace these if they’re damaged in some way or have become excessively corroded.

Other Items

We actually have so many parts that listing them on one page just isn’t possible. Whatever parts you need for your HVAC duct manufacturing process, you can be sure we have them. Just call us on our toll free number any time you need assistance.

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