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Our product range includes thousands of fantastic pieces of machinery and accessories to go along with them. If you’re looking for reliable metalworking lathes for sale, we’re confident we can deliver. We even back that up with an expert team who can provide all the assistance you’ll ever need!

What Capacities Should I Look For?

When browsing our selection of metalwork lathes, you need to know what capacities you’re looking for. You should know what machines are suitable and which are not, which are too big and which are too small, and which can provide the function you need. A member of our team will be happy to help you if you get in touch, but we also have some advice for you to consider.

The first thing to look for is the centre height. This is the distance between the lathe bed and the centre of the chuck. The centre height will determine the radius of the process and task you intend to use the lathe for. Be aware of this before purchasing.

The second thing to consider is the distance between the centres. This is the largest length of material that your new lathe will be able to accommodate and work with. In many cases, engineers will typically only use the first six inches or so of length, but it’s important to note.

Finally, you should also consider the swing diameter over the carriage. This is the widest diameter that will be able to be turned over the carriage.

What Features Should I Look For?

With lathes from some of the most popular manufacturers, you can bet that every machine we sell is feature-rich. Finding the right one just depends on looking for all the right features.

One of the most important features for our customers is threading and screw cutting. This is a feature that everybody who has experience with the machine will want and need at some point. It makes the whole process a lot easier and it’s valuable to have.

Power feeds are another popular feature, allowing you to perform a number of tasks more quickly and even obtain a better finish to the end product, thanks to the constant and steady mechanical feed speed.

Finally, think about the Morse Taper tailstock and spindle. You can obtain greater accuracy with a Morse Taper spindle, so be sure to look out for both MT2 and MT3 machines.

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We offer capital machinery sales and associated products, such as:

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