Time is an incredibly valuable asset that none of us seems to ever have enough of. Each working day on the factory floor requires a fine balance between machine effectiveness and functionality, combined with worker diligence and skill.

As much as you can plan for the unexpected, when it happens the clock immediate starts to tick, which any business owner will recognise as a running tally of the ever-growing costs associated with the slowdown or shutdown of production. In such crucial moments, where, for example, your magnabend folder needs to be replaced, choosing a stockist that gives you the greatest chance of getting back up and running sooner rather than later is essential. Read More

Australia’s Leading Stockist of Steelmaster Magnabend Folders

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are the go-to suppliers of Steelmaster products in Australia. An ever-growing number of metalworking businesses choose us as their machine and equipment providers because of our longevity in the industry and our never-ending commitment to customer satisfaction. Our huge warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria, stocks a comprehensive catalogue that will meet the needs of each and every customer that we deal with.

If an item is not in stock, our customers know that we will move quickly to source and secure whatever is required. We ship throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we even cater to our International customers, too. Best of all, our commitment to helping you achieve more without having to spend more assures you of a high-value proposition each and every time that you engage with us.

How to Make Smart Investments for Your Factory Floor

While the clock is ticking and your team or management staff are under pressure to find and install the perfect magnabend folder on your factory floor, it is always recommended that all concerned keep a cool head and an eye on the bigger picture. Unexpected breakdowns or machine failures often inspire hasty decisions that are regretted sometime later.

As such, while it is essential to get your business back up and running, having a supplier serving you that has options accessible that can reduce the immediate financial burden is as important as finding the right machine. Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, industry direct prices are applicable, but we also strive to help you make your budgets stretch that little bit further in other ways.

We offer fantastic financing plans to those that wish to acquire what they need today and spread the cost of the purchase over time. Even if you have budgeted for machine replacements and breakdowns, it always makes sense to minimise the cash that is leaving your business, so that you can make the money you have go further on the factory floor.

Our financing plans are designed to help you derive the greatest possible value from your investments and equip you business with the best brands on the market today.

Other products we offer include:

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we appreciate the strain that a sudden breakdown can place on your delivery times and we know just how important it is for you to maintain your sterling brand name amongst your customer base. As such, we work hard to be ready whenever you need the perfect machine or piece of equipment, whether it’s a magnabend folder or a linishing machine or even if you just need accessories, spare parts or tools.

Here, you will find a comprehensive range of everything you will need and after-sales service that is second to none. So, whenever the clock is counting down, just remember that the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery is ready to get your business back to its operational best.

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