When time is in short supply and you need to buy many different metalworking tools for your business, the last thing that you need is to have to scour the Internet to find everything that you need. The problem is that many stockists have limited products readily available or they cannot back up their competitive prices with the kind of delivery schedule that will serve your interests.

The reality is that when you need to save time and tap into a catalogue of tools from a single source that can ship across Australia or New Zealand, then you really need to ignore all other outlets and turn to one of the largest and most reliable suppliers. Read More

The Ultimate Destination for Metalworking Tools Online

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we have a comprehensive suite of products available for sale and we make it easy for you to get what you want when you need them. Our entire range is right here on our website and we anticipate that the prices you find here will make your mind up with regards to where you should invest your hard-earned cash.

Each product that we stock comes with manufacturer warranties, so there is no question about their quality. What’s more, if you are uncertain about the exact tool that you need, we would be more than happy to help. You can phone us, or send us an email by completing the online form.

Our team of experts and technicians have extensive experience and we have assisted countless customers to identify exactly what they need. We also are here to advise and deliver smart solutions to reinvigorate past generation machines and bring them up to the standards achieved by the latest technology.

We Work Across All Disciplines to Afford You the Best Service

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe that when our customers require metal working tools they should be able to connect with a stockist that has an in-depth understanding of their industry and can confidently discuss how best to deliver an effective solution. Our team has worked with many different customers across a diverse range of disciplines over the past two decades and counting. This affords us the ability to speak your language and assist in ways that other suppliers may not.

If you believe that the problem you face could be rectified by a skilled repair person then you’ve come to the right place. We provide first-rate maintenance repairs and, should you require it, we can ensure that each and every piece of machinery on your factory floor is working at its peak performance and is complementing, rather than hampering the efficiency of the equipment that surrounds it.

A simple assessment delivered by our team is the perfect way to determine if there are inefficiencies on the factory floor. Identifying issues before they become problems is the kind of proactive mindset that the leaders of each industry adopt since they recognise the potential loss of time, money and reputation that a sudden failure of machinery can bring.

Our huge stock of spare parts can also be delivered in a short time when required and we can also provide machine customisation so that your assets achieve optimal effectiveness.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, our catalogue of metalworking tools will most likely meet your needs. However, as a customer, you stand to benefit from our superior after-sales support. So, shop with confidence and if there is any way that we can assist, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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