Murphy’s Law usually strikes when facing important deadlines. That is, what can go wrong usually does go wrong. Of course, this isn’t a rule that applies strictly by any stretch of the imagination, and with appropriate planning and preparation, any glitch or sudden lapse in machine effectiveness can be swiftly dealt with to minimise the interruption to regular service. 

However, even with the best of planning, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. If you’re in the metalworking industry and suddenly find that you need load rollers as soon as possible, then having a stockist that you can trust to fulfil your order swiftly is essential. Read More

We’ve Got Load Rollers Ready to Ship Across Australia

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe in putting the customer first and one way that we achieve this time and time again is by preparing for the inevitability of sudden demand for key machinery and equipment. We know that even with the best of planning things have a knack for going wrong and so we are here to provide you with immediate access to the very best of everything that your factory floor requires to keep running at its best.

It’s not just machines that are held in stock at our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria, though. We carry a comprehensive range of spare parts, tools and accessories so that each valued customer that gets in touch with us stands the greatest chance of finding what they need. We deliver all across Australia and New Zealand, and even if you need something shipped internationally, we can provide you with an accurate delivery date.

Expanding or Replacing Machinery Requires Expert Advice & Attention

There comes a time for all businesses where a survey of the factory floor makes it obvious that things need to be changed. Surviving in today’s economy means keeping up with the technological developments that roll out regularly, but this does not imply that every business has to keep changing their machines year-on-year.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we look at load rollers and all kinds of machines as assets that were built to deliver a certain outcome. This industry is brutally unforgiving on poorly fabricated machines, so for the most part, the assets that you invest in are built to last and withstand considerable wear and tear over many years.

As such, if you are at a crossroads and considering building upon the machines and equipment that are already doing a great job in terms of achieving your production requirements, or if you are mulling over a few replacements that could be made to bolster the effectiveness of the factory floor, contacting our team is a sure-fire way to tap into other possibilities.

Our highly skilled technicians have a wealth of knowledge across all disciplines and so we regularly upgrade past generation machines with new hardware, and we reinvigorate old machines so that they can deliver quality results that enable you to compete. There’s never a good time to slow production to accommodate change, but with our help, you can enhance what you have, or add to it with minimal intrusion.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, our twenty years and counting have taught us how best to deploy our servicing skills and help our customers integrate new acquisitions to their existing combination of machines. Load rollers are just one example from the huge catalogue of items that we stock, all of which come with manufacturers’ warranties. 

Other products we offer include:

So, no matter what your goal is for the future, take one step closer by engaging the team that can deliver more than just the assets to boost your business, right here at Asset Plant & Machinery.

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