Machinery Skates and Rollers

In a manufacturing business, keeping things moving along the line is a vital step in the process. The most usual way this is achieved in a motorized production line is by powered conveyor belts, but this is an expensive method of conveyance. Read More

It is better economy for a production line system to have the least number of powered conveyor belts it possibly can, and to have non-powered sections which are easier to maintain, are subject to less wear, and don’t consume electricity or fuel.

A common non-powered conveyance mechanism is the machine skate. This is most often made of a metal housing that holds a set of rollers along which the goods are able to move. The movement can be accomplished by the force of gravity, by “push feed” as a result of products entering from powered conveyor sections, or by manually feeding the products along the race lines.

When you are choosing machine skates, it is important to know what material the rollers are made from, and also to examine the size and spacing of the rollers. If your products could be considered fragile, then it is a good idea to have rollers made from a softer material that is still strong and durable, such as soft PVC, PVA, rubber, etc. Wide rollers with a higher clearance will also typically provide softer handling for delicate objects.

In situations where gentle handling is not a concern, harder materials might be preferable, as they will probably last longer.

Powered skates and rollers

There are times when powered rollers are needed. Powered rollers can assist in moving loose round objects (such as potatoes or onions) uphill with less risk of them rolling down compared to if they were moved by a belt. Powered rollers are also used sometimes for turning objects that are round – eggs, for example. Such systems require careful design for correct operation.

It’s not always easy to know when it would be best to use belts or to use rollers. In most cases, powered rollers will be most useful for moving round objects, especially if they need to move upward. Belts are best for flat bottomed objects that are not prone to slipping. Belts are also the best choice for small objects, as there’s a risk of small items slipping between rollers and that’s never a good thing.

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