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Asset Plant & Machinery is proud to boast a huge selection of steel slitting line machines. Our website is home to the widest selection of machinery and equipment for metalworkers and engineers, and we think you’ll be surprised at the amazing prices we offer too. Read More

As well as bringing you the best slitting line machines, we also have an extremely easy-to-use website and excellent customer service when you need it.

Who Needs a Slitting Line Machine?

A slitting line machine is an essential piece of equipment for virtually everybody who works with large pieces of metal every day. Before a piece of metal is cut to size, it takes the form of a large coil. The slitting line is used to break down these large coils of metal into more manageable pieces. Engineers and manufacturers alike use a slitting line to turn coiled metal into sheets or slabs of metal that suit their needs.

If you’re managing these large coils of metal, you’ll already know that you need a quality steel slitting line, and we can help with that. Asset Plant & Machinery boasts decades of experience providing the most reliable, high-quality equipment to companies all over Australia. We’re sure you’ll be impressed by our wide selection of slitting line machines.

Choosing the Right Slitting Line Machine

Choosing the right machine is all about the thickness of the material that you process, as well as the type of material being used. It’s also important for you to consider how much you plan on using the machine.

These factors will dictate the amount of money you should spend on a machine, the size of your machine, and the number of features you expect it to come with. If you work in a heavily industrial environment that relies on steel slitting to the point that materials are being cut and used on a daily basis, then you’ll find a number of extremely specialist pieces of equipment and machinery on our website.

We can deliver the very best slitting line machines around, and we’re proud to offer extremely competitive rates for every machine.

If you rely less on this kind of machinery, we also offer some smaller machines that perform this important function to a perfectly high standard. Whatever your requirements or budget, we’re happy to help you find the right bit of kit.

Unbeatable Extra Services

When you buy equipment with us, our relationship doesn’t end there. We not only provide a wide selection of accessories, oils, and lubricants – but we also provide a prompt breakdown service and maintenance. We can assist you by providing maintenance advice and tips, or we can arrange for regular visits to your premises to ensure that your machine stays in top working order all year round.

Our scheduled maintenance programs are extremely popular, and if you would like to take advantage of this service, then all you need to do is call or send us an email to make the arrangements.

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