9001 Series Punch 20mm – Round Profile


MODEL NUMBER: 16+9001-20



9001 Series Punch 20mm – Round Profile

At Asset, we supply almost every size punch and die you are looking for. All popular sizes are available off the shelf including slotted, offset & square tooling.
We offer our quality tooling ex stock for delivery at the best prices.
Tooling also to suit Kingsland, Sunrise, Geka, Ficep and all other major branded Metalworking Fabrication machinery can be supplied.

❚Series: 9001 (210/16), (3mm ~ 30mm)
❚Punch size: 20mm
❚Packaged up ready for delivery
❚We offer all made brand tooling as well as slotted, square, offset & custom.
❚Image reflection of our quality 9001 pictures only – not actual punch size.
❚Product ordering code: 16+9001-20


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