ADH Euro Pro B32135 CNC5 Energy Efficient Pressbrake. 3200mm x 135Ton, 5 Axis Delem DA58T Control

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Sku 19-0811
Capacity 135 ton
Bending length 3200 mm
Distance between frames 2700 mm
Side throat depth 400 mm
Precision back gauge stroke 750 mm
Stroke of ram 200 mm
Table working height 880 mm
Number of strokes ? spm
Open height (max) 400 mm
Motor power 7.5Kw/415V
Dimensions (l x w x h) 3500mm x 1650mm x 2450mm
Weight (nt) 8500 kg


ADH Euro Pro A Series CNC Pressbrakes offer unbeatable quality & competitive pricing!
Our New Efficiency Stand By Inverter Motor – Offers low cost operation followed up by all but silent machine operation.
❚Energy efficient “Stand-By” inverter motor
❚precise and accurate 5 axis cnc press brakes.
❚ADH machine frames consist of a monolithic structure with hot rolled high quality steel
❚CNC5 Controlled Axis (Y1, Y2, X, R, & Crowning) as standard.
❚full electronic Synchronisation with proportional valve technology. Guaranteed beam positioning of +/- 0.01mm (Y1 and Y2 Axis)
❚German Hoerbiger hydraulic system
❚cylinders made from high quality forged steel, precision honed
❚accurate positioning and repeat ability of synchronised cnc press brakes, achieved by synchronising the hydraulic cylinders with advanced CNC control of proportional valves and use of optic linear scales
❚CNC controlled back gauge with ball screw spindles, ball guides and AC or DC servo motors
❚Euro quick action tool holders.
❚linear guided sliding front sheet supports.
❚ergonomic swing-away control panel
❚side and rear safety guards with safety interlocksTechnical Data Snap-Shot
❚Quality European Engineered Build Quality
❚135 Ton Bending Capacity
❚3200mm Bending Length
❚5 axis cnc control, Y1, Y2, X, R & Crowning
❚Delem DA58T Controller
❚High Speed Servo Operation
❚2700mm Distance Between Frames
❚400mm Side Throat Depth
❚880mm Table Height
❚200mm Ram Stroke
❚400mm Open Height
❚200mm / sec approach speed
❚10mm / sec bending speed
❚160mm / sec return speed
❚750mm precision back gauge stroke
❚Italian DSP laser guards included
❚7.5Kw / 415V Motor Power
❚3500mm x 1650mm x 2450mm Footprint
❚9500Kg Weight

Pressbrake Tooling Supplied
❚60mm x 60mm x 4 Vee Bottom Block
❚Segmented Offset (Gooseneck) Tooling

Optional Equipment
❚Delem DA66 Touch Controllers
❚Delem 69Touch – Please ask
❚Profile T3D – Offline Software For DA-66-T
❚Profile T3D – Offline Software For DA-69-T – Free With Controller Upgrade
❚Z1, Z2 Axis Added

DELEM offer as follows in CNC

❚ Y1, Y2, X & Crowning (4 Axis)
❚ DELEM DA58 (2 Dimensional)
❚ Y1, Y2, X & R & Crowning (5 Axis)
❚ DELEM DA66T (3 Dimensional)
❚ Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2 & Crowning (7 Axis)

Recommended Add On Accessories
❚19#0660 – STEELMASTER Plastic Die Cover Protective Folding Film – Sold Per Metre – Improves Bend Quality Finish
❚19+0126 – Pressbrake Bottom Dieblock, Catering Profile 3200mm – Excluding Holder
❚19+0240 – STEELMASTER Bottom Single 16mm Vee Tooling – US 20.416/35° V=16 R2,0 L.MM.835
❚19+0268 – STEELMASTER Fold & Crush Dutch Tooling – US 300/26° V=12 R2,0 L.MM.500
❚19+0113 – Single Edge Knife Top Punch – Pressbrake Tooling – 3200mm Long x 15º Profile – Type 2
❚19+0138 – Double Edge Knife Top Punch – Pressbrake Tooling – 3200mm Long x 35º Profile – Type 2
❚19+0238 – STEELMASTER US 152/88 Degree, Radius 0.8mm Press Brake Tooling – 835mm Long
❚50+0200 – Digital Thickness Gauge – 0mm ~ 15mm
❚50+0156 – Dial Protractor With Bevelled Blade – Metric Calibrations.
❚50+0112 – Digital LCD Vernier Calliper – 150mm Length.
❚50+0159 – Digital Micrometers – 0-25mm Range, Dual Reading, Metric & Imperial.


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