ALFRA EMB 35 Magnetic Base Drill. 35mm Drilling Capacity. Made in Germany





ALFRA EMB 35 Magnetic Base Drill. 35mm Drilling Capacity. Made in Germany

German made. Say no more. One of the most powerful onsite tools you will use.

❚ Quality German made drilling machines
❚ perfect for all onsite work
❚ powerful motors with high torques and a range from 900 to 1800 W, ergonomic design
❚ new generation control boards for ease of operation and serviceability
❚ magnet feet with 3 instead of 2 coils and with the new m.p.i. magnet system (magnetic power increase). electronic increase of magnetic adhesion at the start of the drilling operation, when strongest adhesion is required (for an even higher protection of user and tool)
❚ pressed-in brass rings for an improved protection of the magnet coils
❚ continuously adjustable motor on the slide for a maximum stroke enlargement, when using twist drills,
drill chucks and tapping attachments.
❚ durable keyboard with flat cable. panel angled directly in sight of the user. to feel for the on/off-switch has come to an end. easy reachability of keyboard, even in narrow u-beams and h-beams drilling applications
❚ newly designed gear-housing with integrated motor support. with built-in height adjustment by means of
clamping jaws – there is no better fixing device on the market.
❚ trouble with ordinary dovetail or pillar guides? solid brass guide rails guarantee an optimum slide guidance.
❚ the heart of our magnetic drilling machines: robust electronic switch units, interchangeable with all types of the new generation. easy to approach for a quick service.
❚ 240 Volt operation

Technical Data Snap-Shot
❚35mm drilling capacity x 50m depth
❚2 x coil x 9000N magnetic adhesion
❚120mm spindle travel
❚standard cutter clamp system
❚speeds – 450 rpm
❚motor capacity – 240Volt
❚shipping dimensions – 500mm x 400mm x 200mm
❚approx weight: 10.6kg

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 20 cm


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